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Guess The Picture

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Developer: Mobiloids
Categories: Word games
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 57.1 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 08.05.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Guess the Picture is a well-known quiz. A picture, covered by blocks, appears in front of the player, and at the bottom there is a field for guessing what the blocks are hiding behind them. You only have a few tries. After a series of incorrect answers, the level must be started over. If you've guessed right, then go to the next one. Each new level is more and more difficult. Try to go through them all and find out what awaits you at the end.


The app is great for killing time. For example, while waiting for your turn to see a doctor, a minibus at a bus stop, a taxi, etc. In order not to get bored, just start a new game or continue from the save location. A quiz will appear on the smartphone screen. At the top there will be a field of game information. The number of the current level is indicated on its left side. In the middle of the field is a blue icon with a green arrow. There is a number next to it that indicates the number of hints available. They can be earned by passing levels, and also bought for gold. The amount of available gold will be shown on the right. It can be spent on hints and other game options that help you guess what is shown in the picture. The central place on the screen is occupied by a hidden picture. Opening the blocks one by one, you need to find out what is hidden there. You only have a few tries. After losing, you need to start over.

Quiz for the whole family

Playing Guess the Picture is equally fun and rewarding for people of all ages. The smallest and their older companions will be able to learn a lot. So children will increase their vocabulary, train associative thinking, and also just spend time with benefit. The game has a striking design. It is like a holiday packaging that grabs attention. All this is done so that you do not get bored while guessing. Before starting the game, decide on a theme. You can choose one, several or all at once. There is an incredible number of topics, �Available from the start. For example, "sports" includes images of both modern athletes and mid-century stars. The “kitchen” is replete with a variety of options, from ancient dishes to molecular cuisine. That is why the game develops you and your children. With it, you will learn a lot from the past era, as well as from the present. You can play alone or with the whole company. After passing the quiz, a table of results will appear. It will show the number of points scored by each participant in the game. So you can find out the name of the winner. You can also run several quizzes in a row and the table will save the results of each round. Plus, you don't need a stable internet connection for a full-fledged game. "Guess the Picture" does not take up much space and does not slow down the system. It is very convenient when traveling.

Where and how to download

You can download and install the APK package for free from our website. The installer has been checked for viruses, spyware, and other malicious files. Each of our applications, including "Guess the Picture" will not harm you and your smartphone based on Android OS. Therefore, confidently click on the link and download the application to your smartphone.

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