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Scary Teacher 3D

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Developer: Z & K
Categories: Simulators
Android version: 4.2+
Size: 49.4 MB
Downloads: 140
5 / 1
Updated: 29.07.2021
Limitations: Teen


  • Sophisticated detail and stylish 3D world.
  • Optimized for all devices;
  • Well-developed storyline;
  • A large number of riddles and secrets in the face of notes and references;
  • Calm background music;
  • Takes up a small amount of memory.


  • There is no Russian translation:
  • Availability of screamers;
  • Not all levels are available in the free version;
  • On some devices, I am having trouble signing in.


Scary Teacher 3D is a game with a naughty girl as the main character. She cannot learn to speak properly with her teacher.

When the teacher moves to a neighboring house, the main character has problems, as the cruel truth about her teacher is revealed. The game was released not so long ago, but today it is quite popular and has shown itself to be a program with excellent controls, gameplay and graphics, as well as with a detailed world that has a lot of details. The main character throughout the game will take revenge on the teacher, who does not allow her to study freely, sometimes insults, humiliates and sometimes even hits. One day she moves to the next house of the main character and she has the opportunity to take revenge on her as much as possible.

The gameplay consists of moments when the heroine enters the teacher's house and scares her. To do this, she needs to go through many tests and missions, after which the heroine will understand that the woman also beats animals and children.

The woman's house consists of fifteen rooms. In each one you can find out some secrets and solve riddles about this cruel man. The scariest place is the basement, as it is difficult to get there and what is there is truly terrifying. The game contains wonderful animation and accompanying sound effects that make it possible to enjoy the passage in full. The game is not created for any cruel purposes and does not induce any user to any bad actions, as it is made for fun and good time. Each game location of the game is an open world in which you can move in any direction. However, sometimes you can get lost as there is no map. Almost all objects and objects can be moved and moved at will. Many of them can be carried into the house of the evil teacher.

Pros of this game:

  • Sophisticated detail �� stylish 3D world.
  • Optimized for all devices;
  • Well-developed storyline;
  • A large number of riddles and secrets in the face of notes and references;
  • Calm background music, not distracting from the passage;
  • Takes up a small amount of phone memory;

Any user of the Android operating system can install the game, since it is optimized for all devices and does not take up much space on the phone. In order to navigate, you need to use the virtual joystick in the lower left corner. You can explore each room, go through many levels and, as a result, escape from the insidious woman.

During the passage of all rooms, it is imperative to collect all the items that come across on the way, as many of them will come in handy in the future. Each item can be used as a prank and a joke for a woman. Three-dimensional graphics will make each player immerse themselves in the gameplay and feel like a little girl who is being chased by an evil neighbor who, the opportunity, wants to kill the main character. The narration is in the first person. Each level has its own scary moments that make the blood freeze in your veins. Important: it is better not to play the game for the faint of heart, since it contains not only sharp moments and shouts, but also blood and screamers.

Scary Teacher 3D for downloaded 140 times. Scary Teacher 3D is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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