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Wifi WPS Plus

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Developer: Panagiotis Melas
Categories: Tools
Android version: 3.0+
Size: 2.4 MB
Downloads: 10
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Updated: 11.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


  • Identifying router vulnerabilities.
  • Russian interface language.
  • Can be used without root.


  • Doesn't work if WPS is disabled on the router.
  • The set of features without root is limited.
  • Advertising is present.


Wifi WPS Plus is a high-quality mobile application that allows you to connect to Wi-Fi networks in which the WPS protocol has been activated. The program was created primarily to demonstrate the capabilities of modern gadgets based on the Android operating system. The main task solved by using this software is to check your own router for defenselessness. If you suspect that there is a flaw in the system of your wireless network connection point, this program will help you find it.

Application usage scenarios

In modern Wi-Fi hotspots, you can often find a vulnerability that can give access to a free connection. One of the attack vectors is the Wi-Fi vulnerability associated with WPS technology. With this function, you can easily connect to the router using a wireless network using a digital password consisting of 8 characters. There are two types of attacks:

  • Brute WPS pin code. The case when it is necessary to enumerate all possible options and at least one should work. You might think that brute force will take too much time, but in reality it is not. Modern technologies make it easy to cope with the selection of a pin code, which is a kind of critical vulnerability.
  • Standard WPS passwords. Most routers come with pre-installed WPS functions and standard passwords. They are placed directly on all models. If an attacker knows which router model you are using, then it will not be a problem for him to find a standard password and the connection to the network will be carried out automatically.

Just using the mobile application for Android - Wifi WPS Plus, will allow you to easily cope with all possible difficulties related to finding a vulnerability and fixing the situation as soon as possible. Downloading the program will eliminate the likelihoodthe possibility that someone can take over access to your Wi-Fi network.

What you need to know about Wifi WPS Plus?

Immediately it is necessary to point out the fact that the program is available exclusively on Android. The standard language of this application is English, but it has long been possible to download an excellent version with Russian translation. The program is perfect for a wide audience of users due to its fairly simple interface. The application is able to search for Wi-Fi points available to the connection. After trying to connect to one of the networks, you can find out if the password is strong enough and whether there were vulnerabilities at the WPS level.

The only option when using Wifi WPS Plus will fail is if the owner of the router has disabled WPS. The default password can simply be changed, which will of course lead to ineffective use of the application. At the moment, it is difficult to find a program that could match the functionality of this application for Android. You can download the APK file for free from

Wifi WPS Plus for downloaded 10 times. Wifi WPS Plus is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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