Scanning a building's Wi-Fi signals is easy with a mobile device by downloading the app. In addition, users can discover networks, detect weak or dead zones with powerful features. The interface is generally easy to use.

Displaying Wi-Fi network signals can be tricky. Using the desktop is too cumbersome. The laptop can work, but wandering around with a bulky laptop can be tiring. It is much easier to use a tablet or phone. Start signal detection at one location, move to the next, and repeat the process until we're done.

There are plenty of them in the Android device market, ranging from highly technical tools to simple programs that are little better than the "Find a network" option in the settings menu.

Applications are one of the best tools with a set of extensive data collection features, the ability to create RF heat maps (for registered users) and compare different networks scanned by a computer.

1 SHAREit: Transfer, Share Files
2 WiFi Map®: Find Internet, VPN
3 WiFi Master: WiFi Auto Connect
5 Opensignal - 5G, 4G Speed Test
6 Fing - Network Tools
7 Wifi Analyzer
8 Peers.TV: телевизор ОНЛАЙН ТВ
9 WiFi App: passwords, hotspots
10 SHAREit Lite - Fast File Share
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SHAREit: Transfer, Share Files

Exchange of data between a smartphone and a PC can be simple and comfortable. Of course, you can use wires, flash drives, cloud storage, or find more convenient options. With this program, you can deliver files from one device to another quickly. It is enough to install the program and use the Inter...
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WiFi Map®: Find Internet, VPN

WiFi Map is a unique software with which each user has the opportunity to save mobile Internet traffic as much as possible with the ensuing consequences. The main task of the application is to find, and in automatic mode, the nearest location of a public free high-speed Internet connection with acc...
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WiFi Master: WiFi Auto Connect

WiFi Master is a program that helps you connect to a huge number of free Wi-Fi networks around the world. The product is not intended to be hacked: instead, it offers access to a database of free hotspots. What is the WaiFay Master program for? Out of mobile traffic? Finding yourself in an un...
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WIFI WPS WPA TESTER - this application is designed to test Wi-Fi networks in order to determine the degree of their protection against hacking. The program can only be used to check the security of personal access points and is not intended to be hacked. A few words about the program WeiFay Vps...
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Opensignal - 5G, 4G Speed Test

Opensignal is a program with which you can improve the quality of mobile communication and access to a wireless Wi-Fi network. This software helps to find the closest access points and connects to them, as well as selects the best network connection. You can download the application on the official...
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Fing - Network Tools

Fing - Network Tools is a set of small but useful and functional network utilities that make working in the Android OS more convenient. What are the features of the application functionality Fing - Network Tools presents several compact network utilities that are collected within a single applicatio...
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Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer can track nearby wireless Internet connections. The app helps you identify a less crowded connection channel. By downloading it on Android, you can get useful information about network optimization, as well as reduce the level of interference and increase the speed and stability of yo...
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Peers.TV: телевизор ОНЛАЙН ТВ

Peers. TV is a television in a mobile application. The user will be able to watch his favorite films on his smartphone, study selections of series and TV shows, and follow what is broadcast on the main federal channels. The program is intuitive and will be able to attract audiences of all ages. App...
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WiFi App: passwords, hotspots

Free WiFi App is a mobile application that will help you find free Wi-Fi networks in almost any country in the world. Database access does not require Internet access. A few words about Free WiFi App It is important to understand that this is not a hacking tool for breaking into wireless networks. I...
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SHAREit Lite - Fast File Share

SHAREit Lite is a smaller, lightweight version of the application for transferring files between devices. Offers the fastest possible data transfer rate and takes up very little space in the device's memory. The simplest and fastest file exchange between devices The volume of internal storage of mod...