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SMS Backup & Restore

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Developer: SyncTech Pty Ltd
Categories: Tools
Android version: 1.0+
Size: 16.4 MB
Downloads: 17
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Updated: 22.08.2023
Limitations: Everyone


SMS Backup & Restore is an effective yet simple tool for Android OS, with which you can create a backup copy of all SMS messages ever received on your smartphone.

What are the features of the program, use and advantages

The purpose of this great multifunctional program is to back up (backup) SMS and MMS messages that are currently stored in the device's memory.

In addition, the program can save the history of all calls.

Who can use it and when? For example, if necessary, transfer call logs and SMS to a new phone. In this case, you do not have to worry that this or that important message will be forgotten or erased.

The program requires a backup to restore messages and calls. If there is no previously saved backup, nothing will be restored and will not be. So immediately after installing SMS Backup & Restore on your phone, it is recommended to make the first backup.

The project supports the enhanced messaging mode, but currently only in Messages from Google.

SMS Backup & Restore is absolutely free. Despite this, the program offers extremely rich functionality:

  • Backing up text SMS and text-graphic MMS;
  • Keep copies in spreadsheet format;
  • Local storage backup function with automatic upload to Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive;
  • Ability to copy both manually at any time and automatically - according to a user-defined schedule;
  • Selecting conversations to copy and restore, which often saves time and disk space;
  • Function for searching messages by specified filters;
  • Fast transfer of backup copies of messages and calls to other Android phones. Moreover, regardlessDepending on which version of the operating system is installed on the smartphone;
  • Ability to quickly transfer logs wirelessly - via Wi-Fi directly from one smartphone to another;
  • Ability to send backup files by mail, through all kinds of instant messengers.

It is important that copies of files can also be viewed using a computer. The main thing is to have a spreadsheet installed on it.

Free to download and install

To download this application securely, it is recommended to use only trusted sources. Otherwise, there are risks to install malware on the device instead of a useful application.

The program is light in weight, it is installed quickly, in automatic mode. No special skills are required from the user.

SMS Backup & Restore at the first start will request access to the SMS messages stored on the device, as well as to the contact list. It is recommended to issue such permission.

Here is the most current version of the application, checked for virus threats.

SMS Backup & Restore for downloaded 17 times. SMS Backup & Restore is distributed freely in the file type apk.

All applications and games on our site are antivirus-tested using the most up-to-date signatures..

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  • Save call history and text messages.
  • Fast data recovery from backups.
  • You can save backups to the cloud.
  • Automatic scheduled backups.
  • Free to use.


  • There is no Russian translation.
  • May save incomplete call history.
  • Contains ads.
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