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Счетчик калорий, дневник питания, диета 10Levels

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Developer: 10Levels
Categories: Health & Fitness
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 49.5 MB
Downloads: 0
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Updated: 08.08.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Calorie Counter 10Levels is a mobile application that will come in handy if you need to count calories!

Application Features Calorie Counter 10Levels

This application belongs to the “Health and Fitness” genre and this is justified, because the application really does useful things for your health, namely, it counts calories!

The 10Levels Calorie Counter application has a lot of good reviews from users, many of them were satisfied with the calculation of their calories and probably achieved a good result.

Let's analyze separately the requirements of the Calorie Counter 10Levels application. In order for you to be able to successfully use the services of Calorie Counter 10Levels, you need to have a smartphone with an android operating system, but the android version must not be less than 5.0. That's right, this is how the 10Levels Calorie Counter application works on devices starting with Android 5.0.

Another thing to say about the weight of the application. The 10Levels calorie counter has a weight of 50 megabytes, it cannot be said that this is a lot, but at the same time, some devices may have problems with insufficient memory. In this case, it is highly recommended to delete unnecessary files.

It is also worth mentioning that 10Levels Calorie Counter is available to everyone, the application has no restrictions, even age-specific.

Description of the mobile application Calorie Counter 10Levels

The application Calorie Counter 10Levels can be called one of the most useful in the world, because it provides diets even for nursing mothers, vegetarians or people who have diseases associated with the stomach. It is rare to find such functions in any such application.

10Levels calorie counter does not crave blood and sweat from you, you do not need to constantly exercise to lose as much kilogram of weight as possible! Not! All this is not about the application Calorie Counter 10Levels!

This application simply invites you to lose weight using certain �Niet. The 10Levels Calorie Counter offers you more than one or even two diets! There are a whole bunch of them!

The 10Levels Calorie Counter gives you about 500 great recipes for delicious dishes that are not very high in calories and thanks to which you can easily lose weight.

Mobile application Calorie Counter 10Levels tells you that if you stick to diets stably, then you can lose about 5-6 kilograms in a month, and this is not so little for a second!

Features of the application Calorie Counter 10Levels:

  • This app is completely free
  • The 10Levels calorie counter has a beautiful design and easy operation
  • Over 500 different recipes! Each dish is delicious in its own way!
  • You don't need to exercise every day to lose as much pounds as possible
  • The application offers you a huge number of diets (there are even special diets)
  • Calorie Counter 10Levels gives you the ability to view your own statistics! See how many kilos you were able to lose!

Счетчик калорий, дневник питания, диета 10Levels for downloaded 0 times. Счетчик калорий, дневник питания, диета 10Levels is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Счетчик калорий, дневник питания, диета 10Levels
Added: 2022-08-08
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Счетчик калорий, дневник питания, диета 10Levels
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