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Huawei Body Fat Scale

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Developer: Huawei Internet Service
Categories: Health & Fitness
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 19.1 MB
Downloads: 4
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Updated: 13.08.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • Synchronization of information with scales.
  • Add multiple profiles.
  • Visual statistics.
  • You can set a target weight and track its achievement.
  • Works for free.
  • Does not contain ads.


  • Long pairing.
  • Can "lose" the connected scales.
  • Not receiving updates.


Huawei Body Fat Scale is an application with which you can track your weight. If you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass through exercise, you have to know your recent physical changes, which means that a regular scale cannot meet your needs, then a qualified fat scale is your weapon. HUAWEI Smart Body Fat Scale is the first body fat measurement device released by HUAWEI. It can help users measure about 11 accurate body data such as body weight, body fat percentage, body score, body age, water velocity, basal metabolic rate, internal fat level, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMI, and etc. HUAWEI smart balance uses one high-precision BIA chip, equipped with four high-precision medical-grade pressure sensors, even if it is only a small change of 0.1kg, it can be accurately measured. Users can also connect to a mobile big data analytics application and gradually develop healthy diet rules every day.

The body fat scale can measure the percentage of body fat in the body, that is, the percentage of body fat. The lower the fat content of the human body, the thinner it will be. Most of the balances currently in use on the market use BIA (bioimpedance analysis), the full name is "bioelectrical impedance analysis method", that is, several electrodes are attached to the skin of the human body, followed by harmless microcurrent. is introduced to calculate the proportion of human tissue.

The principle is to rely on the difference in conductivity between fat and other parts, that is, the difference in resistance, to get the result of the calculation. The reason for the difference in electrical resistance is that the water content of the fat and other parts is different, the water in the fat is very small, and the water is electricallyconductive, therefore, using this method, you can measure the content of different tissues. There are various brands of intelligent body fat measurement on the market today, but the quality is not the same. Since the measurement principle of the body fat scale is the conductivity of different parts of the body, the current market for body fat scales still uses metal electrode pads, which requires the user to stand firmly in place of the electrode pads during the measurement. Not only can this easily cause inaccurate measurements, but also inconvenient to use.

Program features:

  1. After connecting the app, you can check your weight, body fat percentage, body score, body age, water consumption and 11 other data about your body in detail, as well as get a more complete picture of your physical condition.
  2. Combined with big data analysis, the system will generate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data trend charts based on the results of daily measurements.
  3. The app also supports automatic recognition for up to 10 users and easy sharing on major social networks. Just click the icon at the top of the screen and select the Family Members button to add new users. You can choose which user will use the data for each dimension.

HUAWEI smart scale removes the cold electrode metal sheet and uses a hidden environmentally friendly ITO layer to enhance sensitivity, so that the entire front glass can be impedance tested. That is, when friends step on the scale, they do not need to stand with "precision", like other scales for fat, which is very convenient to use. Note that when measuring body fat, you must stand with bare feet on the Body Fat Scale.a, and then a small current will be injected into the human body, and the percentage of body fat can be measured. HUAWEI's HUAWEI Hidden Body Fat Scale LED Display can display two weight and body fat levels, and can check body fat without even taking out your smartphone. Nowadays, downloading the HUAWEI Smart Body Fat Scale App is easy. According to the instructions, the HUAWEI Smart Fat Scale can be configured to intelligently control the mobile phone. After opening the application, enter your height and weight and complete the registration. The first time you need to use a Wi-Fi network to bind, you can end the connection after entering the password. The process is very simple and convenient.

Huawei Body Fat Scale for downloaded 4 times. Huawei Body Fat Scale is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Huawei Body Fat Scale
Added: 2020-09-08
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