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Developer: Chainfire
Categories: Tools
Android version: 2.0+
Size: 0.3 MB
Downloads: 27
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Updated: 13.07.2020


Gingerbreak is a technical program typically used to root a mobile device.

Application Features

  • Allows the user to get superuser rights and, if necessary, return the device to its original state. This is the main feature of the application.
  • Works on legacy mobile devices (with Android below 4th generation inclusive).
  • Ideal for smartphones and tablets based on Android version 2.3, which, in fact, reflects the name of the application.

How the app works

In a highly simplified algorithm, the application looks like this:

  1. The APK is first installed on the mobile device.
  2. Next, when starting the APK, it initializes the installation of auxiliary files for the script to work correctly.
  3. Next, the program tries to hack the firmware to get root rights.
  4. After some time has elapsed (10 minutes or more), in case of a successful hack, the main file system or the (System) partition gets read-write mode.
  5. Next, the script tries to install files into the section that allow you to get superuser rights.
  6. In principle, after the final reboot of the device, we can assume that the procedure is over.

Despite the fact that the algorithm of the application looks quite simple and does not cause significant problems for the advanced category of users, the following should be taken into account:

  • USB debugging must be activated (on older androids the function is hidden, to call it you need to know the secret key combination).
  • The memory card must be formatted during application installation.
  • If the receipt of the root is delayed for more than 20 minutes - in some cases, removing the battery can help. If not, repeat the procedure until the result is obtained.
  • In some cases, Gingerbreak can only receive a temporary root, which will not persist after restarting the device (depending on the specific smartphone model).
  • Be careful: during the jailbreak of the firmware, there is a possibility that the mobile device will be "overexcited".
  • If the hacking is successful, the device will automatically enter the reboot mode approximately 10-12 minutes after the start of the procedure. If not, take out the battery and track changes.
  • Gingerbreak is not guaranteed to work on newer versions of Android (older than the fourth version inclusive) due to overlapping vulnerabilities that the application uses.

GingerBreak for downloaded 27 times. GingerBreak is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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