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Font Pack

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Developer: Akikazu Yoshikawa
Categories: Business
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 10.3 MB
Downloads: 12
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Updated: 29.04.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • Very easy and fast installation.
  • Large selection of fonts.
  • No payment required.


  • Only works with AndrOpen Office.
  • The font base is not being updated.


Font Pack is an add-on to AndrOpen Office that allows you to install and use a wide variety of fonts. Using this package significantly expands the capabilities of office programs.

Why you need this app

Information is the most important resource today. The presentation and perception of content largely depends not only on what it contains, but also on its appearance. The value and comprehensibility of the text for the user increases if it is correctly illustrated and supplemented with visuals. But not only.

The look of the text itself also plays an important role. It has been proven that different styles of letters are perceived differently. Just like the color of words, underline, various decorations. Using the font, you can highlight, underline those words or phrases that the author emphasizes, show the main idea or conclusions.

Therefore, the value and ease of perception of the text is significantly increased if it is correctly formatted and the perfect font is selected.

AndrOpen Office has a limited number of built-in fonts. And sometimes they are not enough to create the perfect content. Sets of fonts come to the rescue, which can be installed additionally. These include the Font Pack.

What fonts are included in the package

The Font Pack includes the following:

  • Arimo-Bold family. Only 4 fonts. Sans serif sans serif.
  • Cousine family. Monospaced fonts (that is, all letters are the same width). There are 4 fonts in total.
  • The DejaVu family. Presented in three styles: Sans (sans serif), SansMono (monospaced), Serif (serif). And also in different style options - oblique, bold, etc. There are 21 fonts in total.
  • Gentium Basic family. Not monospaced, serif and classic. There are 8 fonts in total.
  • The SymbolNeu.ttf font, which is a set of symbols.
  • Tinos family. A set of 4 serif fonts with different weights.
  • Font opensttf. Supports Unicode encoding.

This set is quite enough to create documents with an interesting, memorable design.


The Font Pack is absolutely free to download. Suitable for AndrOpen Office version 2.0.0 and higher installed on any Android-based devices. If your smartphone has an earlier version of Office, you should first install the required one.

Font Pack for downloaded 12 times. Font Pack is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Font Pack
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