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AndrOpen Office

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Developer: Akikazu Yoshikawa
Categories: Business
Android version: 1.0+
Size: 75.8 MB
Downloads: 32
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Updated: 28.04.2020
Limitations: Everyone


AndrOpen Office is one of the most popular open source kantoor pakketten currently on the market. This office suite is based on LibreOffice. The rapidly growing popularity of tablets and smartphones has taken many people and companies by surprise. Among other things, Microsoft was very late in making its office suite for Android and iOS devices. Open source options like LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice lag behind in this area. Therefore, a group of independent developers decided to use OpenOffice to make it usable for Android. This application is called AndrOpen Office. The OpenOffice project is run by the Apache Foundation. Unfortunately, this party has not yet released a mobile app.

Therefore, it has another side - the unofficial AndrOpen Office application has been released. This application can be installed for free on Android tablets and smartphones, but unfortunately the application is not sufficiently adapted for the small screen of the phone. This makes it nearly impossible to use these phones. This is better on a tablet, although an external keyboard may be required. The app is so complete that its usability is greatly reduced. In addition, touch screens are not well supported. However, if you're definitely looking for a complete office suite on your Android device, AndrOpen Office is a good choice. AndrOpen Office has the following features: import and export of common file formats including MS Office and PDF, office documents, viewing, editing and saving, supports password protection of files, digitally sign documents whenever possible, export documents to PDF format, Suitable for Android devices only .

AndrOpen Office has been retooled to work on Android and work with touchscreen and auto-rotate screen. For the most part, you get an app designed for laptops and desktops ported to run on smaller phones and tablets. Fortunately, not all Android devices have small screens, and not all rely on finger input for everything. If you have a 10-inch tablet, the results may be better. If you are using a tablet with a stylus, you may have better results. And if you're using an Android TV Box connected to a monitor or TV, AndrOpen Office can make your little box look even more like a full desktop computer.

The office app takes a little longer to load than a regular Android app. It's an office suite you can use to view, edit and create documents on the go, with support for macros and pivot tables, the ability to export files to alternative formats, and more.

AndrOpen Office for downloaded 32 times. AndrOpen Office is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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