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Developer: IODEMA Srl
Categories: Tools
Android version: 1.0+
Size: 8.8 MB
Downloads: 7
0 / 0
Updated: 02.08.2021
Limitations: Everyone


  • All necessary references.
  • Accurate electrical calculations.
  • All information in Russian.
  • Free to use.
  • Plugin support.


  • Advertising presence.
  • Not all content is available in the free version.


It may be difficult to guess from the name of this application that this is a functional interactive guide for those who are engaged in the development of electronics. However, this is exactly the case.

Pros and functional features of the program

So, if we download ElectroDroid for free, then you can get at your disposal a really functional and convenient tool for the developer of electronic systems, which you can use every day and every minute.

The possibilities offered by this application are really impressive:

  • Color coding of different types of resistors and chokes;
  • Circuit calculations - very different - from elementary to very specific;
  • Thermal modes;
  • Battery Life Calculations;
  • Calculation of inductors, voltage drops, filters, powers;
  • Working with frequency converters and devices of analog-to-digital type;
  • ... and much, much more. Perhaps, within the framework of this note it will be impossible to describe the full functionality of this wonderful program.

What also deserves attention is the opportunity to get on your phone a universal reference book on almost all sections of electronics. So you no longer need to constantly search for this or information on third-party resources: everything is already at your fingertips!
ElectroDroid can also work with plugins, which further expands its already rich functionality.

Despite all its rich functionality, the application is very easy to use. This is facilitated by both the carefully thought-out interface and its user-friendliness. Even the most beginner will be able to quickly figure out what's here and what.

Where can I download

If you are interested in this program, and you want to download it to your Android device, you can do it on our website.

Here you will also find a lot of other useful programs - for almost all occasions. We also have a rich selection of toys - from casual to really large-scale game projects.

Our experts manually select only the highest quality content specially for you. All programs are thoroughly tested for security.

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Electrodroid for downloaded 7 times. Electrodroid is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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