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Дорожные Знаки ПДД

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Developer: Oleg Barkov
Categories: Education
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 9.2 MB
Downloads: 3
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Updated: 14.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


  • Easy to use.
  • All road signs in one application.
  • The ability to find out information about a specific sign at any time.
  • Up-to-date information about the marks.
  • Tests and mock exams on signs.


  • Questions are repeated in the test.
  • Lots of ads.
  • Can't see text on the big screen.


Traffic Signs is a free Android application available for download to any user.

This application provides an opportunity to get acquainted and study the road signs that are found while driving a vehicle.

Road signs are valuable helpers for safe driving. Obtaining a driver's license entails not only the ability to finally achieve the desired independence while traveling, but also the responsibility to drive safely without compromising your own safety and the safety of others. For proper driving, you need to know the meaning of road signs.

Traffic signs are symbols that every driver must follow in order to comply with the Rules of the Road, which is described in this Android application. Road signs are an integral part of the road process. They set out the rules that all road users, including drivers and pedestrians, must follow.

There are such accepted road signs:

  • Warning signs - have the ability to inform drivers about a dangerous area.
  • Priority signs - are installed when it is necessary to determine the route of vehicles for a specific section of the road.
  • Prohibitory signs - are set in cases when it is necessary to enter a certain restriction (for example, speed).
  • Mandatory signs - set when restrictions are introduced or canceled.
  • Information and direction signs - indicate changes on the road.
  • Service signs - inform about the approach to specific points.
  • Plates for road signs - can clarify some signs or restrict them in actions.

All this information can be obtained in the free Android application - Traffic Signs. To do this, you just need to download it in a couple of minutes and open it to get certain information.

The advantages of this application are:

  • Easy to use.
  • All road signs in one application.
  • The ability to find out information about a specific sign at any time.

Today, such applications are very important and useful for all road users, because a large number of people are involved in this process.

Therefore, in order to participate correctly and safely in this process, you must have such an application in your smartphone, which will always be at hand.

Дорожные Знаки ПДД for downloaded 3 times. Дорожные Знаки ПДД is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Дорожные Знаки ПДД
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Дорожные Знаки ПДД
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