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Visual novels

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Visual novels are a type of video game focused on a text-based adventure, conceptually very similar to game books, but relying on a number of multimedia elements that deepen and enrich the work. This video game genre is more common in Japan, where it originated and looks like a graphic novel, characterized by the presence of a typical anime style, where visual and musical elements convey a message.

Visual novels differ from other video games in their extremely minimal style of play, as in most cases the player can only follow the progression of the story by pressing to continue and interact with visual elements that may be encountered during the progression, as well as make choices that can affect plot. All these features make the gameplay very similar to reading a novel. The narration style is usually in the first person.

Recently, there has been an increase in popularity in this category of games due to its simplicity, exciting plots, often depending on the actions of the player and ease.

Bright representatives of visual novels are: City of Love: Paris is an interactive drama where the player will play the role of the main character in the city of Paris and write a love story; College Love Story:Teen Crush is a gameplay-heavy game that tackles a fairly common theme - college love; the player gets the opportunity to write it himself.

Close to this category are Adventure , Simulation and Puzzle .

Fans of sharp and exciting stories will definitely like games from this category. Therefore, you should rather go in and choose a game that you liked for a pleasant and easy pastime.