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Hatoful Boyfriend

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Developer: DevolverDigital
Categories: Adventure
Android version: 2.3+
Size: 26.9 MB
Downloads: 14
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Updated: 13.10.2020
Limitations: Teen


Hatoful Boyfriend is a dating simulator in which the player has to look for a soul mate. The search for the second half will be among the students of the famous university. The originality of the story lies in the characters of the game - here, instead of people, pigeons learn.

Moreover, birds are endowed with characters, emotions and personal characteristics. Sounds weird? Can birds really get someone's attention? Of course, if you try to download the game on Android, then the gamer will not be limited to one playthrough.

The unusual format of the simulator and many storylines will make you come back again and again. You can install the application for free by downloading it from our website. It has already been scanned for threats, so it is completely safe.

Game Features

This anime-style visual novel will take the gamer to the St. PigeoNation Institute. The educational institution accepts only talented birds. The gamer will try on the role of a sophomore of the institute. Roam the hallways, chat with other characters to learn about the pigeon institute.

Take time for romantic dates to find love. Experience a gripping story - a remake of the acclaimed visual novel from Hato Moa. The gameplay is quite specific, it can be called a bird dating simulator. Potential romantic partners will range from school instructors to biker pigeons.

Go on dates after weeding out birds you find yourself very bored with. Choose those partners who have sunk into the soul. The developers have implemented a new ending in the remake. In addition, the main plot has been redesigned, so even fans of the original will remain intrigued until the very end. Choose a new love object each time to get a new storyline each time.

Among the features of the game:

  1. Unravel conspiracies to avoid the apocalypse!
  2. Attend classes at the schoolai, play sports or take drawing lessons.
  3. Pump your level to increase the parameters of charisma, wisdom, strength and others. Improving skills will allow you to open different storylines.
  4. Buy food to win the love of birds. Available for purchase: beans, corn and millet.

Advantages and disadvantages of the game

After downloading Hatoful Boyfriend for Android, you can appreciate the following advantages of the game:

  1. A dating simulator, but in an unexpected format.
  2. Lots of endings. The game belongs to the genre of simulations, so it can be played several times. The relationship with each chosen pigeon has at least one ending. Moreover, only after completing the game several times, you can understand which of the characters is more important for the plot.
  3. Length of storylines. The game cannot be called drawn-out, the passage of each line can take from 30 minutes to an hour. Moreover, this time will be enough for the player to get to know the institute and communicate with different characters.
  4. Great dialogues, the developers did a great job on the text.
  5. Different types of characters. Relationships with everyone can lead the plot to another steppe. Depending on the choice, the tone of the story and even the genre will change. As a result, for some, the passage of Hatoful Boyfriend will turn into a melodrama, for others - the story will go into pure absurdity. For example, one of the characters named Sun, the gamer will help to find the true pudding. If you delve into communication with the dreamy truant Angel Higure, the plot will turn into a charming JRPG epic. And some gamers are waiting for a real bloody slasher.
  6. All hero branches are interconnected. An exception is Okosan's pudding search. One big storyline shows this connection, which becomes available if you play several times for different heroes. It sounds strange, but after passing it, the story about intelligent pigeons already beginstaken seriously.
  7. A humorous play on genre clichés.

The disadvantages include:

  • poor visual leaving, animation is replaced by tons of text;
  • to get to a new branch, you have to skip the episodes you have seen.

Free download Hatoful Boyfriend for Android, can be recommended to fans of visual novels. Other gamers may be intimidated by its old-fashioned format, where a lot of dialogue replaces decent graphics. Secure download is available from our website. The application has already been scanned for viruses, so the risk of infection is reduced to zero.

Hatoful Boyfriend for downloaded 14 times. Hatoful Boyfriend is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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