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The latest smartphones have all the necessary qualities that allow you to be online at any convenient time. There are also sites for adults who strive to get out on your resource. There are a huge number of sites that contain not pleasant content. How, then, to protect children from unwanted visits to prohibited sites? For this, there is a special application that allows you to block any unnecessary sites.

Replace other blockers with ours!

Android can block some resources on its own without resorting to third-party applications. But still, there are parasite sites that simply cannot be blocked even with a high-quality blocker.

We have the best options for you to:

  1. Use the resource in full, and do not worry that a forbidden portal pops up.
  2. No additional drivers or programs need to be installed.
  3. Each content offered is of high quality and the necessary functionality.

To ensure uninterrupted use of the network service, it is better to use the components we offer to block unwanted sites.