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Developer: Grease Monkey Games
Categories: Race
Android version: 6.0+
Size: 64.4 MB
Downloads: 1
0 / 0
Updated: 07.02.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Burnout is a race game in which you need to outrun your opponents and improve your own result. A large selection of racing cars and rivals will help to recreate a realistic picture.


With Burnout, players of all ages can travel a variety of visually enticing tracks and compete with friends to see who crosses the finish line first. Burnout is definitely a lot of fun.

Once the player gets behind the wheel of the racing simulator, he will be able to control the speed and movement of his car using realistic steering wheel and pedal controllers. Whether they slow down for a precise turn or aim for a ramp to jump over an obstacle, teens will find that responding to onscreen stimuli in real time can improve their hand-eye coordination.


The main advantages of the application:

  1. Reduces Stress. When people are new to racing games, they are more likely to experience signs of stress while playing, such as heart palpitations and adrenaline rush. However, with repetitive play, drivers will find it more convenient to work with game elements. This, in turn, trains their brains to adapt to stressors. If virtual racing helps your teen reduce stress while playing, they may also experience less anxiety when faced with other stressful situations — for example, taking a scheduled test at school or performing on stage.
  2. Improves memory and problem solving skills. When a player completes a circle on a course, he strengthens his brain's ability to remember locations and obstacles. As their memory improves, they will be able to anticipate various factors in play and how to react to them. For example, they can recognize inclines that require more speed or turns that save time. Some games allow users to tweak their vehicle's equipment and aerodynamics to better cope with unique elements such as winding tracks and slippery roads.

Where to download?

Burnout can be downloaded from our website. The game is easy to download, no need to register or other operations. Click on download and the download will start automatically.

Burnout for downloaded 1 times. Burnout is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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