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Кубик Рубика 3D

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Developer: Maximko Online
Categories: Puzzles
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 25.2 MB
Downloads: 5
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Updated: 29.07.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Rubik's Cube 3 D is an electronic interpretation of the well-known game. Users must collect all sides of the cube. It is better to train general skills first, and only then speed.


Solving a Rubik's Cube may start out as a curiosity and even turn into a hobby for some. However, it is quite a calming activity. However, it takes a lot of patience and strong will to learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube. It takes a lot of time, but inevitably brings true satisfaction.

For this iteration of the Rubik's Cube toy, it is actually a speed cube that uses the traditional Rubik's Cube style of colorful stickers on black plastic. Unlike third-party versions, the official Rubik's edition is undoubtedly the official Rubik's Cube, albeit with some changes.

  1. The curved inner corners of each side make it easier to twist the cube.
  2. The curved inner corners of each side make it easier to twist the cube.

When you rotate the sides of the cube, the application cube version is updated to reflect them. Connected to an application, this provides a number of benefits and capabilities, including learning how to solve it, accurately determining the time it will take to solve it, and even telling users openly what steps to take to solve the cube from its current state.


Whether you are into the speed cube or love puzzles, you will definitely reap the many benefits of solving the cube. Most importantly, it depends on which approach you take to solving it. Here are some of the ways you could use to solve the Rubik's Cube:

  1. Improved memory. It depends on whether you are solving the Rubik's cube with algorithms or without any guides to help. In any case, you wouldExercise a lot, which in turn will help improve your memory - especially muscle memory. This is very useful if you want your muscle memory to be top-notch if you are, for example, a racer or typist. If you are a programmer, then, without a doubt, you have come across a Rubik's cube at least once in your life.
  2. Developing the skill of patience. When you decide to pick up a Rubik's cube for the first time, it will definitely test your persistence. Even simple algorithms for beginners are not that simple, but those who are persistent and patient will eventually be able to solve them. Once you start practicing more complex algorithms, you will definitely need a lot more patience.
  3. Developing problem-solving skills. Of course, if you just learn the algorithm and solve the Rubik's cube, you won't get much benefit in terms of improving your problem solving skills. But if you, like many Cubists, begin to interpret and come up with your own ways to solve the cube, it will help you become more creative in how you solve everyday problems.
  4. Training in planning. Learning algorithms for solving a Rubik's cube means memorizing many moves step by step, and this must be done in a specific sequence. When applying the algorithm, no mistakes can be made, which, in turn, will lead to the fact that you do not get a solution. This will help your mind remember and train it to plan ahead for all of your steps to solve a problem.
  5. Development of speed. If you are a speedy kuber, it will help boost your reflexes. If you decide to try to speed up the solution, you are basically trying to solve the Rubik's cube as quickly as you can. You will reach a certain point when you do 3-4 movements per second, which in turn sharpens your reflexes. This can be very useful in life.

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