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The Talos Principle

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Developer: DevolverDigital
Categories: Adventure
Android version: 4.4+
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Updated: 29.12.2020
Limitations: Teen


The Talos Principle is a game for Android mobile devices from the creators of the cult meat shooter series Serious Sam. In technical terms, it is a game with an emphasis on the logical component (an abundance of puzzles, coupled with a bright, philosophical and scientific flavor along the way).

Game Features

  • The game is made in full 3D from the first person.
  • In total, over 120 unique levels are available within the gameplay.
  • The game principle combines logic with a narrative element.
  • In the course of exploring the game world and advancing through the plot, the player will need the skill of orientation in space, the ability to adapt, to look for non-standard solutions to the problem, as well as cold-bloodedness and prudence (hot-headed in the outbursts of emotions, many logical traps and riddles cannot be solved here will work if you want).
  • Within the framework of the game, the user will have to explore the remains of an ancient civilization, and bypass many technological traps in order to collect magical symbols with unique powers.
  • Be careful: collecting magic symbols in this game is the primary and key task (without the so-called sigils, many story doors will be closed).
  • Advanced storyline: within the framework of the plot, the user will have to go through a unique and unforgettable journey through an unknown world, and solve many key mysteries.

The Talos Principle is a lot like the famous Portal. Nevertheless, Croteam made its offspring standalone and added many unique, individual features to the game, based on the traditional themes of ancient philosophy (in the game, one of the central characters is the deity Elohim, who plays the role of a constant companion and partner, as well as a navigator around the game world). In short, The Talos Principle intelligently combines two key elements, namely the logical and the narrative component. The symbiosis in terms of the complexity of the proposed logical problems and the almost professional plot, as in the books, will make the passage of The Talos Principle unforgettable, and the imprint from the various plot twists in the head will remain for a very long time.

The Talos Principle for downloaded 0 times. The Talos Principle is distributed freely in the file type txt.

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