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Tales From the Borderlands

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Developer: Telltale Games
Categories: Adventure
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 30.4 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 15.02.2021


Tales from the Borderlands is a graphic quest game for mobile devices running Android with interactive, cinematic elements. The game is part of the Borderlands series (first-person shooter with hand-drawn, cartoon graphics based on a comic book in the style of the famous spy thriller "XIII"), and is its spin-off.

Game Features

  • Stylish graphics will not leave you indifferent: Telltale Games has retained its signature style here, giving the game the style of a drawn comic book.
  • Interactive dialogues and the ability to influence the events of the game (each action can, to one degree or another, change the course of the game, and subsequent events within the storyline).
  • Lots of top-notch humor, as well as references to the original parts of the series.
  • Driving action, intense combat, logic puzzles, and unpredictable outcomes can all be found in Tales from the Borderlands.

Tales from the Borderlands is another creation of the famous Telltale Games, which gave fans a wonderful quadralogy in the universe of The Walking Dead. The plot, the general concept and principle of the gameplay remained the same: several isolated episodes, the ability to save progress and transfer it to the next episode, the maximum possible interactivity of what is happening (and hello again, the pioneer of Fahrenheit), as well as the brand's humor of the series, a lot of jokes, lulz, hacks , and non-standard plot twists. The combination of these factors gives rise to the one-of-a-kind Tales from the Borderlands.

This time the events of the game take place after the sequel to Borderlands. The player takes control of two main characters, a rogue adventurer named Fiona, and the programmer "Hyperion" Reese.

It all starts with the fact that Reese, as a result of personal revenge on the new bosses, together with his colleagues and friends, is trying to intercept a high-ranking operation with the purchase of the Key to the mythical Vault, but, traditionally, everything does not go according to plan from the very beginning, and the guy gets into very big trouble.

In turn, Fiona traded on Pandora with professional theft, and at the time of the story, together with her comrades, as well as her mentor, she made a deal to sell the Key to the Vault, which turned out to be a fake. As a result of certain events, the deception is revealed, and the main characters are forced to extricate themselves from the situation and solve the growing problems like a snowball.

Tales From the Borderlands for downloaded 2 times. Tales From the Borderlands is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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