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Advanced Parental Tools

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Developer: Mxs-E Inc.
Categories: Motherhood and childhood
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 9.4 MB
Downloads: 5
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Updated: 07.09.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • Ability to control device usage, at the OS level.
  • Built-in messenger for communication with the child.
  • Location tracking.
  • Blacklist of sites and applications.
  • Set time limits.
  • Russian interface language.


  • Additional configuration required.
  • For maximum control, a factory reset is required.
  • Paid features available.


Total Parental Control is an application that allows you to monitor devices with remote intervention.

Application Features

  • The tool offers a wide range of options for monitoring tracked devices, including setting the time, location (via geolocation), physical activity (via the corresponding sensor on the mobile device), and even setting incentive bonuses to stimulate child obedience.
  • In addition, the application gains access to the installed browsers on the monitored device and can control access to porn sites or other unwanted content such as visiting poker rooms, social networks at night, during school hours, etc.
  • To fully guarantee control and monitoring, the application provides a "full control" mode, which allows access to the monitored device with superuser rights (you can control the mobile device as if it were the owner).
  • The application uses a protection algorithm implemented through administrator rights to prevent targeted deletion by the owner of the monitored mobile device.

The application will be useful for young families who decide to buy a new, but not very productive smartphone for their child on the occasion of entering the first grade of school (in fact, this trend has already been widespread for the last 4 years since the time when phones in the budget segment stopped exceeding the cost from 10k rubles and above, and now a generally unpretentious smartphone can be purchased in the region of 4-5k rubles).

In a word, the application will allow you to flexibly track the behavior of the child through his mobile device, preventing the tendency to violate the prohibitions. The application features include the organization of communication through the built-in messenger for simplified interaction,if, for example, it is difficult for a child to figure out where to press and what actions to take to open messages, a phone book, and so on (despite popular belief, not all children are smart at an early school age).

Thus, parents will be able to fully or partially control the child's behavior during school hours, at night, or to practice punishment by restricting functionality in the event that the child is very guilty, or went into open confrontation (did not share something, was offended, or demonstrated character during adolescence).

The application is also well suited for monitoring elderly family members like grandmothers or grandfathers, who, due to absent-mindedness, possible senile marasmus, tend to make erroneous actions during the operation of a mobile device.

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Advanced Parental Tools
Added: 2020-07-27
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