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Размер: 2.8 MB

Updated: 08.08.2022

Developer: Ian Hawkins

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TorqueScan (Torque OBD Plugin) is a special plug-in designed for on-board vehicle diagnostics. It is used to run Torque pro OBD2 app. With its help, the program has additional features that are necessary for debugging.

Application Features

This application will be a very valuable acquisition for any car owner who carefully monitors the condition of his own car. With its help, it will be possible to track the condition of the car in real time, analyze codes and find problems. The program also monitors performance and much more, the motorist will never miss something important and will be able to react to the situation in a timely manner.

Thanks to such a program, it will be possible to immediately fix the breakdown, and surprises will never wait on the way. Many parameters add positive qualities to the application, including versatility, accuracy, customization of the program's appearance, and others.

The main function of the program is to connect the smartphone to the vehicle engine management system. Any Android owner will be able to use this service and get all the necessary data about the condition of his vehicle without additional expenses.

You can download the program for free on a smartphone or tablet, it has a simple and intuitive interface. Therefore, there will be no difficulties in management. The responsive interface will help you use the application on devices with any screen size. The device connects to the car, after which the car owner can receive data from any sensor, and for this you do not need to contact the specialists at the service center.

Benefits of the program

This plugin will add a number of unique features. With its help it will turn out to learn about the following characteristics:

  • torque;
  • how much fuel is left in the tank;
  • determine the location and send this data using messages;
  • find out the speed of movement;
  • archive data.

The program will help you display a wide variety of error codes and fix them immediately. It will surely benefit every user, help to identify the malfunction in time and eliminate it. While traveling in their own car, everyone will confidently continue to move forward, will know that an unforeseen situation will not be taken by surprise.

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Version History

TorqueScan (Torque OBD Plugin) 2.0.5
08.08.22 2.8 MB Download
TorqueScan (Torque OBD Plugin) 2.0.6
08.08.22 2.8 MB Download
TorqueScan (Torque OBD Plugin) 1.
20.06.20 0.1 MB Download
TorqueScan (Torque OBD Plugin) 1.8
08.05.20 0.1 MB Download

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