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AWP Training for CSGO

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Developer: Joyline Games
Categories: Arcade
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 29.5 MB
Downloads: 3
0 / 0
Updated: 15.12.2021
Limitations: Teen


  • Supports various weapons from CS: GO.
  • Practicing real situations from popular game cards.
  • Simple controls.
  • Free to use.
  • Unlock weapons and skins for game currency.


  • Game not included.
  • Advertise after each round.
  • Animations are missing.
  • Some modes only work in the premium version.


AWP Training for CSGO is an application where you can hone your target shooting skills in CS: GO.


If you are an amateur (or perhaps even an experienced player) CS: GO, then this application is for you. What if you do not have access to the game itself on your computer, but you really want to play? Download AWP Training for CSGO! With it, you can feel the small atmosphere of the world-wide popular CS: GO shooter. Unlike the game itself on the computer, here, in the mobile version, you will not have such a wide range of functions and weapons. It is also impossible to move around the map, you will only be in one place, but with the help of the sight you can destroy all the enemies! There is only one task here - aim and shoot. There is no need to dwell on other problems, here you are only in the role of a sniper. AWP Training for CSGO offers you a wide variety of weapons taken from the cult game. They are even present here; AK-47, M4A1, Desert Eagle and other popular weapons from CS: GO. Also, you will be given several situations from real CS: GO maps (you must complete all missions). For example, you can get a task from a real CS: GO map: Mirage, Canals, Assault, or even a Zoo.

You will definitely like this version of CSGO, because this is not just a training session for playing in the computer version, it is a whole game in which there are missions (of course, based on CS: GO on the PC, but still). Complete all missions! Aim at the enemy and destroy him! Do not be afraid for your safety, because here you have to be just a sniper, there is no movement on the map, only a target, which must be hit. AWP Training for CSGO also has a colorful and pleasant game design (in general, it is similar to the design of the computer version, but there are a few differences). With a wide range of weapons, you can get better and better at shooting!

Use the AWP Training for CSGO app while far from home. You will definitely like it�Well, if you miss the good old CS: GO. Of course, the mobile version is inferior to the computer version in everything, but do not forget that this is just a shooting training, and not a full-fledged mobile game for Android!

You can download the application absolutely free. Only when you open the game, then inside you can buy something special for real currency, something that can improve your performance in shooting several times. Do not wait! Download AWP Training for CSGO application faster and play your favorite computer shooting game on your android device. All you need is a mobile phone (it is desirable that the version of the operating system is not very old, a newer version will help the application to function better). Also, when installing the application, you will need to give several permissions (this is also necessary for better functioning). Download and install AWP Training for CSGO faster, train and destroy targets!

AWP Training for CSGO for downloaded 3 times. AWP Training for CSGO is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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AWP Training for CSGO
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