Telephony, VoIP

These applications are designed for easy communication and communication between people on the Internet around the world. This section contains both the simplest programs, with a minimum set of functions and the most intuitive controls, and those that will allow you to create huge online conferences and meetings with business partners.

Thanks to these applications, you will be able to keep in touch at home and on business trips without paying anything for it, because all calls are made over the Internet.

If we talk about specialized, narrowly focused services, they are also available here.

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TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited

TextNow - allows you to communicate without restrictions with users around the world. With it, you can get a Canadian or US number and call more than 230 countries from 0.01 cents. The application can be synchronized by installing on all devices and linking to one number, which will allow you to alw...
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Google Meet

Google Duo is a high definition video chat. The app is simple enough but very reliable. It provides the highest quality picture. The application has a simple and intuitive interface and saves mobile traffic. You can download the application for free. It is suitable for smartphones with Android OS 4...
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imo-International Calls & Chat

A practical, convenient, profitable communication application. With its help, you can easily exchange messages, make calls, use video communication. High sound quality is one of the significant advantages. Imo is not only communication with one subscriber: You can create group chats or vide...
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Amino: Communities and Fandom

Amino application is a well-known social network for communication. She will allow you to immerse yourself in your interests, tell stories from your own life and make new friends. Amino: Communities and Chat Rooms invites newbies to start with stories. They represent a new type of video publication....
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Discord - Talk, Play, Hang Out

A unique application that allows all gamers from all over the world to communicate. Text and voice chat that allows you to chat on a variety of topics. An excellent opportunity to discuss and plan maneuvers with all members of your team or to find new like-minded people. And also learn a lot, discu...
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Unlimited Texting, Calling App

Dingtone second phone number is a functional application that allows you to make calls and send SMS messages to the United States or to other countries. This application is used to install virtual numbers trusted by 1 million users. What is the purpose of using Dingtone? It is proposed to choose a s...
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2nd Phone Number - Call & Text

TalkU: Unlimited Calls + Texts is an app that allows you to make unlimited calls. It is offered on a free basis, where free messages are also available. You don't need a network connection to run the app, just install the utility on your mobile device. This way, users will save up to ninety percent...
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Rebtel: Calls and Recharges

Rebtel is a mobile application, thanks to which you will be able to connect internationally. It does not require Internet access and allows you to call landline and mobile numbers around the world at competitive rates. International calls with high quality communication, at favorable rates Th...
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Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone

Zoiper is a free SIP client for Android. Works both when connected to Wi-Fi, and in mobile networks, and also boasts quite low power consumption. What Zoiper is for Here is a free client for IP-telephony, compatible with both SIP and IAX systems. Differs in maximum ease of setup, provides hig...
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Wifi Call - High call quality

It is not always possible to call from your country to anywhere in the world, but this is what the Wi-fi Call application was created for. Wi-Fi Call is a global Wi-Fi calling service distinguished by its call quality and speed. With it, you can call anyone for free, to any country and to any phone...