Video players

The category contains the most common and popular video player programs for android devices. You can download any application absolutely free of charge on the website:, in the appropriate section.

Here you will find such well-known programs as: YouTube, Yandex.Ether, Stream: free music, KMPlayer, and many others. Applications help to play video of any format, in addition, they can work on multi-channel sound.

All video players presented in the section have a clear and simple interface. Thanks to additional settings, you can perform various actions in programs using certain gestures.

Now, to adjust the sound or brightness, just draw a horizontal line with your finger, on the right side for the first, and on the left for the second. You can also rewind any video with this gesture.

Among the additional features in video players, they especially highlight the screen lock when watching a video, which limits accidental clicks. Any of the presented players in the category can also play streaming video directly from the browser.

1 YouTube
2 YouTube Kids
3 MX Player
4 Aloha Browser + Private VPN
5 MX Player Codec (ARMv6 VFP)
6 Downloader for Instagram
7 PLAYit-All in One Video Player
8 Google TV
9 KMPlayer - All Video Player
10 Video Player for Android
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YouTube for Android is the official app that brings the world's largest video-sharing platform to your Android phones and tablets. It's a window to the world, allowing you to see what people are watching, from the latest music videos to trending topics in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning, an...
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YouTube Kids

Youtube For kids is an application for smartphones based on Android and iOS, developed in 2015 by the creators of Youtube. As conceived by the developers, this application allows children to quickly access the video they are interested in. At the same time, a multi-stage security system allows adul...
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MX Player

MX Player is a multifunctional player for Android and many other operating systems, which has already received universal recognition due to its optimal combination of functionality and ease of use. What are the features and advantages of the player The user's attention is offered a really pow...
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Aloha Browser + Private VPN

Aloha Browser is a fast and free web browser, the main focus of which is the privacy and security of your data. Its features compared to conventional browsers include: Built-in unlimited VPN . The free VPN module will be an easy bonus for you to a fast and convenient browser. Thanks to him, you...
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MX Player Codec (ARMv6 VFP)

Not just another application for the phone, but one of the most convenient players for devices based on android. All you need to do is download and install it to make your sound control process almost perfect. Rewind or change songs, change sound parameters, tune bass and sound, taking into acco...
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Downloader for Instagram

Downloader for Instagram is a special browser extension for fans of interesting photos and videos. With it, you can download absolutely any content from Instagram. At the same time, it is not necessary to create your own account in this social. network. Downloader for Instagram features. Ever...
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PLAYit-All in One Video Player

PLAYit is a functional program for downloading and playing videos. It has support for almost all formats and a built-in converter that allows you to turn the downloaded video into an audio file. Tool to download and watch videos PLAYit itself can replace several applications at once: video do...
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Google TV

Google Play Фильмы, previously known as Google TV or Play Movies & TV, is an Android app designed to streamline your entertainment experience. It's a one-stop-shop for all your favorite movies and TV shows, making it easier than ever to find, watch, and enjoy your preferred content. Discover New Co...
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KMPlayer - All Video Player

The KMPlayer application is a successful development from Korea, which has conquered the whole world for a long time. The application is a universal media center that, due to its power, can easily replace any multimedia player. The popularity of KMPlayer is growing every year. This is evidenced...
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Video Player for Android

Video player for Android is an application with a simplified interface for viewing video and audio files on Android. Facilitates the search and playback of video content of any format. Works with embedded or external subtitles like txt, srt, ass, sub, ssa and others. The functions of the standard an...