Text editors

Text editors are complete software that support various word formats, include various font styles, and various other tools that are a nice addition.

Applications for taking notes, editing various information contain features such as reminders, notebooks, built-in editors, etc. Text editors are applications that can edit simple text perfectly.

Applications that are text editors are distinguished by their speed, stability and functionality. They are optimized for use on both smartphones and tablets.

Text editors can also be used as standard text editors for simple text files, or even as various code editors for program files. They are suitable for both general use and individual users.

Text editors include a range of performance optimizations and are constantly being improved for a great user experience. The speed and performance of applications at a high level. Such applications will perfectly cope with any work related to text files.

1 JotterPad - Writer, Screenplay
2 Collabora Office
3 Text Editor
4 Simplenote
5 Simple Text Editor
6 Writer
7 Fast Notepad
8 ONLYOFFICE Documents
9 iA Writer: Focused Writing
10 Moon Writer
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JotterPad - Writer, Screenplay

JotterPad is a handy mobile text editor designed specifically for scripts, books, poetry, and more. Offers many additional features that will make working on your creations much easier and more convenient. Despite this, it is perfect for working with simple text files and documents. Special text...
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Collabora Office

Collabora Office is a powerful yet easy-to-use office suite based on LibreOffice. It is in active development and regularly receives new features and capabilities. A few words about Collabora Office The first thing to note is that the program is based on the open source LibreOffice. In other words,...
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Text Editor

Text Editor is a powerful text editor for Android. Allows you not only to create new documents and edit existing ones, but also work with several documents at once, thanks to support for working with tabs. Functional mobile text editor with multi-tab support Need a handy text editor for your...
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Simplenote is a powerful mobile notepad that lets you create notes, to-do lists and other text notes on the go. Learn more about Simplenote Here is a functional mobile notebook designed for smartphones and tablets on Android. Here, you can quickly create an unlimited number of notes. To quick...
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Simple Text Editor

Simple Text Editor is a free mobile application for creating and editing text files. It has a minimal set of functions and offers only the most necessary settings and options. Free Text Editor for Android This application is a great option for those who need a small notepad for their phone. H...
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Writer is a simple application where you can either create small notes or write your own stories with ease. It will help you quickly make sketches so as not to lose thought, and then develop the idea and write a whole literary work, right on the smartphone screen. Who is Writer for This appli...
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Fast Notepad

Quick Notepad is an application that lives up to its name. Here you can use a simple and convenient virtual notebook on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. About Quick Notepad This program contains nothing superfluous. Here, in one tap, you can create a new text note on your phone, and t...
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ONLYOFFICE is a free application for working with documents in major office formats for Android phones and tablets. Allows you to view the necessary documents and edit them on the go. More about ONLYOFFICE app Thanks to this program, you don't have to search for a free computer every time you...
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iA Writer: Focused Writing

iA Writer is a minimalistic but very handy text editor for mobile devices running Android. It does not contain superfluous interface elements or any unnecessary functions, which allows you to fully concentrate on writing texts, without limiting the maximum size. Why iA Writer will be useful to y...
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Moon Writer

Moon Writer is a functional text editor with Markdown support and a nice minimalistic interface. Perfect for both small notes and for writing books, articles and even keeping a diary. Learn more about Moon Writer Here is an application that will help you comfortably work with any text files o...