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Comments on Google play



This was perfect for what i was looking for (playing tetris and mario on a long car trip) and worked flawlessly. Definitely would recommend if you are looking for a basic emulator with lots of customisation.



This app works goods .But for some games rom like track & field there are no x and y button which need to boost running speed so every time i lose . In other emulator where we have x and y button runing speed increase. I also tried to use turbo button they are not boosting speed .



It's a great emulator! Since my nostalgia receptors are tingling, I wanna play some NES games and your emulator is my choice. Just one catch, The controls are a bit sticky and hard to control. But other than that, 5 stars!



Just like Nostalgia.NES (which is identical to this emulator, but with a different skin), 8 times out of 10, it doesn't recognize button clicks. It will light up the button, so it knows I clicked it, but nothing will happen ingame. Changing position and size of the buttons does nothing, and problem persists across ROMs



It runs smoother than the original NES, and scans the ROMs for you really quick. It's hard to push the buttons on a smaller screen, so a remote would be advisable.



Missing buttons in the set up. Could not get it to find any of my ROMs no matter where on my device I put them Gives can responses to problems. Have tried everything they said tried on 3 different device in edit it is missing buttons the game needed to play plus won't see any of the ROMs no matter what folder you put them in or if it is on the ad or phone



It tries to search for your roms but can't find anything, and there is no option to choose your roms folder. When you try to map your gamepad buttons, the onscreen keyboard pops up. There doesn't appear to be any video options either, like shaders or effects. It's a strange and pretty useless emulator.



This would be the best NES emulator on Android if the on-screen controls were better. The directional pad is 4 spaced buttons meaning there is no smooth control for fsster paced titles. Good for turn-based games or with a bluetooth controller.



Filled with ads, settings are useless with a physical game controller. I couldn't uninstall it fast enough. As I said, useless with a physical controller. I don't want to see a virtual controller if I'm using a physical one. Also, I don't need an ad between every action I do in the app. You're greedy doing that and no one should support you for it.



Meh. The thing that are wrong with it is that with the games the music speed is FAST, like not synced up with the original. Game DOES NOT WORK WITH AN XBOX CONTROLLER, which makes it easier to play because touch controls are always weird.

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