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Developer: Super Emulation
Categories: Arcade
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 6 MB
Downloads: 0
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Updated: 27.06.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Super8Plus is an emulator of the legendary video game console Nintendo Entertainment System, or simply NES, which brings together all your favorite games from the 90s. Now the return to the past has become a reality and you don't even need to spend money for this! The app is completely free and works on any Android smartphone.

As many as 30 years ago, pocket game consoles made a splash among young people and beyond. In every second home, almost every child had this toy that brightens up the boring gray everyday life. Just remember what it cost to buy cartridges with different games - it was a real lottery for good luck! Sometimes the picture on the plastic case did not match the real component inside the box, and sometimes the game could stop at the most interesting place and no longer wanted to load.

But now, with modern technologies, such problems are not terrible. The Super8Plus application allows you to choose any game you loved from childhood and finally complete it completely, fighting at the end with a real boss! And the best part is that the game screen is presented in the form of an old joystick and exactly copies the location of all buttons and their functionality.

The screen can be positioned in any form: even vertically, even horizontally, but, you see, it is the second option that is able to give the very atmosphere that we miss in the evenings. The developers also tried to keep 8-bit graphics, but at the same time slightly improved the image quality to give a little aesthetic component.

A good addition was the ability to arrange the buttons in such a way that it would be convenient for everyone to play. Some can be removed altogether, some can be added or a combination of the two can be created. Yes, it will not be possible to completely return the contact sensations on the phone (although, by the way, you can simply connect your smartphone to the controller for this), but you can turn on the vibration function when pressed to feel�� Make the gameplay even better.

In the main menu, games are sorted alphabetically, but for convenience, you can rearrange them as recently launched, last added or most popular. This makes it much faster and more convenient to find the toy you want.

But what makes the app stand out and happy is the ability to save progress. Before it was not always possible to save at a certain level and continue the game on another day, but now it is not just possible, without this it is simply impossible to play.

Also, you can go through a difficult level with a friend or several friends, but for this each of them must have an application installed and a connection to the same Wi-Fi network. But, unfortunately, you cannot play with an external controller in this way, only through the virtual joystick on your phone.

This application is a great choice for a good time alone or in a company with the closest people ..

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