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Comments on Google play



Awesome game really lots to accomplish with more and more abilities being revealed. Best run app game I've come across. Got some awesome parlor moves and slow mo animation. Would be even better if the head starts would run the coin path while giving the head start instead of the plain auto run feature. Would also be better if there were more ways of getting gems and to find more gems in a run than what there is. Sometimes I don't come across but 1 if there even is a gem available during the run.



Love this game....EXCEPT for the freezing during the game once you get to the desert levels. That is really frustrating to have to close out, open and try again, close out, open and try again. Please fix this bug!!! It would be fantastic without the freezing during gameplay.



It's a great game; especaily the part where you jump to the left or right to avoid a wall and it lags out causing you to hit the wall anyway. Let's not forget that special moment when you jump in the air and it freezes. I absolutly love having to stop mid game and start all the way over from the beging of the level. It would be great to have a check point in the game but I'm guessing that would be asking for a little much.



I had downloaded this game about a year ago and it ran fine. it seems since they added in game incentive option from the last update it not only seems to run slow, it freezes up about half way during stage 25. I tried to clear memory and even disabled apps like Google Play store but it still froze. Before I had to re download it on my tablet again I was able to get as far as the stage where your introduced to the TRex. I would love to keep playing, but the freezing may stop me playing anymore.



Good game overall. It's wise to consider purchasing double coins, as it makes the game less tedious. Starter pack doesn't hurt either. (Seems like an intentional design choice) Otherwise, I don't find the microtransactions to be particularly worth it. The overall experience is okay if your phone can handle it. I found the game sputtered out on my old phone and I died for reasons that are completely beyond my control. I'm a big fan of TR. This helps tide me over till the next game comes out



Its a great game, best running game ever! But I'm at level 81, and Tibet is not downloading ... Tried it severally (kinda frustrating tho) .. and for those complaining of it's freezing, if you play offline, it freezes, but play it while online, it won't freeze. You can also go offline after starting it for a few minutes, it won't freeze!



It was a great game, fun to spend time on, but the supply box and daily rewards stopped appearing a couple weeks ago, and the game would freeze after only minutes or less of gameplay. Tried to uninstall and reinstall, but now the game won't even load at all. Will have to uninstall again. Sad because I really liked this game before all this started happening.



I love the special effects and enjoy finding new relics! The only issues with it is that whenever i have my headphones and i mute the music and sfx volume on the game, it stays mute for a bit and once I lose and start a new run, the music appears again. It gets annoying having to mute it each time I run. Also, it'd be nice to unlock new worlds after the mountain pass, otherwise great game!



It keeps freezing, which has prevented me from progressing. I played this game like crazy in the past and got all the way to the snowy levels and it was great and fun but I ended up losing my progress and started over (which was fine) but now it's just freezing constantly to the point where I had to uninstall it because its basically unplayable now. Makes me sad, I hope that issue gets fixed so I can hopefully play it again some day



So I really like this game, but I'm the kind of person that likes to listen to either my own music, or podcasts/audiobooks while playing a game. I dont know why, but I can't turn of the sfx, no matter what I do, bot permanently anyway. It turns off for that run and then turns back on once I get to the menu and I have to manually go into the settings and turn it off again. It's really annoying.


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