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Life is Strange

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Categories: Adventure
Android version: 7.0+
Size: 1012.1 MB
Downloads: 30
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Updated: 10.06.2020
Limitations: Mature 17+


Life is Strange is an action-adventure game with elements of interactive cinema, with an episodic episode system (each episode usually runs as a separate launcher for the game on Android).

Main features of the game

  • Realistic elaboration of the environment: designers and artists are sensitive to the smallest detail so that the gamer feels completely immersed in the virtual world.
  • Maximum level of interactivity: perhaps the main feature of the game. The player is given the opportunity to live the life of an ordinary (only at first glance) girl, which has similar problems, weaknesses and vices as most people in principle.
  • A well-developed plot: the player is offered the opportunity, controlling the main character, to feel like a detective and explore a series of events.
  • Juicy, tasty soundtrack and high-quality work of the cameraman, which will allow you to play the game as if it were part of a full-fledged film.
  • Live, voluminous and detailed characters: for each hero, the soul hurts.
  • The gameplay of the game is about 20-30 hours, taking into account all episodes.

The release of the game was preceded by a real boom among interactive quests in the full-fledged cinema genre, which started with Fahrenheit (also known as the Indigo Child). Later, Heavy Rain and the Walking Dead entered the business, the success of which brought Telltale Games real popularity and long-term profits. Against the background of the new seasons of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Tales From Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us and the like, other companies also began to develop similar projects (against the backdrop of the hype), and Life is Strange is just such a product.

In general, the plot is still the same: the player, during many hours of passage, needs to uncover many mysteries, secrets and, interacting with the environment, plunging deeper into the virtual jungle, getting entangled in vicissitudes more and more, influence the fate of both the heroine and the world in the whole. The game, thanks to professional voice acting, lovingly designed decorations, playable characters and detailed dialogues, will guide the player through another unforgettable adventure, forcing him to replay him over and over again, discovering new possibilities and details. Traditionally, a lot, a lot depends on the key choice of the hero, where only one god knows what the next, branched, difficult and long path will lead to.

Life is Strange for downloaded 30 times. Life is Strange is distributed freely in the file type xapk.

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