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Life is Strange: Before the St

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Categories: Role games
Android version: 4.3+
Size: 1745 MB
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Updated: 10.06.2020
Limitations: Mature 17+


Life is Strange: Before the Storm is an interactive movie episode game developed by DNG for the MW, Xbox One and PS4 platforms. This is a prequel to Weird Life from Dontnod Entertainment. The first episode was released in mid-2017. Since the beginning of June, it has become possible to order a game product through special sites. Chloe Price is considered the main person in the game. The plot unfolds 3 years before the events of the first episode and is dedicated to the communication between Chloe and Rachel Amber.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm - won a BAFTA for the series, it consists of three episodes. Game plot: The secret of Rachel's family turned Max's life upside down, and friendship is the only way to protect yourself from problems.


Game features:

  • Your decisions affect the plot.
  • Two endings of the game will be available to you, they will overestimate on your decisions.
  • Chloe can provoke others and get what she wants through conversations.
  • You can create in the game universe using graffiti.
  • A selection of clothing is available.

In mid-2018, the developers announced that the game will be released for Macos, Linux, and also for phones. Since September 2018, the game has become readable for both Mac and Linux platforms. Later, after a couple of days, the game became available for the Iode and Android operating systems in the App Store and Google Play. What was a major breakthrough in the gaming industry.

The game consists of 3 episodes (as opposed to the first part, which consists of 5). On March 6, 2018, as an add-on, the Farewell series was released, the plot of which takes place five years before the events before the start of the gameplay and two years before the main episodes, in which the user is invited to play as young Max.

The game was divided into 3 episodes:

Episode One - "Awakening".
Episode Two - "Brave New World".
Episode Three - "Hell Is Empty".
Bonus - "Goodbye".

Main story

Life is Strange takes place in the fictional town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon, in OctoberBre 2013 and is told from the perspective of Maxine "Max" Caulfield (Hannah Tell), a 12th grade student at Blackwell Academy. During photography class with his teacher Mark Jefferson (Derek Phillips).

Max experiences a vision of the Lighthouse being destroyed by a tornado. While going to the bathroom to regain her composure, she witnesses her classmate Nathan Prescott (Nick Schreiner) killing the girl in a fit of rage. In one sudden effort, she develops the ability to rewind time and saves the girl, as it turned out, her childhood friend Chloe Price (Ashley Burch).

They reunite and go for a walk to the lighthouse, where Max reveals to Chloe his ability to travel back in time. It has been established that the vision is more of a calculation for a future event: a storm approaching a city. The next day, Max watches fellow student Kate Marsh (Diane Hutton) being bullied over a viral video of her kissing several students at a party.

When Max meets Chloe at the diner where her mother Joyce (Cissy Jones) works, they decide to experiment with Max's power at Chloe's secret hideout in the junkyard.

However, the tension causes Max to have nosebleeds and fainting. Chloe takes her back to Blackwell, but the class ends when everyone is called into the courtyard. Kate commits suicide by jumping off the roof of a girls' dormitory. Max manages to rewind and time suddenly stops when she reaches Kate, giving Max a chance to convince her to come down.

The main character later tries to find out what happened to Kate and Chloe's missing girlfriend Rachel Amber. Max and Chloe break into the director's office at night to investigate and enter the pool. They later sneak into the home of Frank Bowers (Daniel Bonjour), a drug dealer and friend of Rachel, and learn that Rachel dated him and lied to Chloe, forcing her to leave because of her personal beliefs. Poppys returns to her bedroom and looks at childhood photos of her and Chloe, but suddenly leaves the day this photo was taken.

Max saves Chloe's father William from dying (Joe Ochman) in an accident that inadvertently forms a completely different reality where William is alive, but Chloe was paralyzed from the neck down in a collision in her own car. Further, the plot only becomes more confusing and interesting for all players who downloaded this wonderful game.

Life is Strange: Before the St for downloaded 14 times. Life is Strange: Before the St is distributed freely in the file type xapk.

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