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Developer: Yandex Apps
Categories: Travels
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 61.8 MB
Downloads: 5
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Updated: 24.02.2022
Limitations: Everyone


  • high detail (for RF - higher than in Google Maps)


  • detailed traffic situation
  • Description

    The program is the most popular GPS navigator for Android devices in the Russian Federation. It requires an active Internet connection to work, but there is also a function for caching certain parts of the map (region, city, region, and so on). The main advantage of the utility is the provision of the most detailed map of the Russian Federation (regularly updated) with descriptions of about 95% of all organizations, even in remote villages.


    In addition to the basic navigation function, Yandex.Maps can also:

    1. Show city traffic (only for large cities). Real-time city bus markers will be displayed directly on the map.
    2. Floor plans of large shopping centers. So far, it works only in Moscow, but the developers promise to add other cities.
    3. Create personal placemarks, saved locations. They can later be viewed or edited on another device (synchronization works when using the same account on both smartphones and PCs).
    4. View a map of traffic jams and traffic conditions. In the settings of the navigator, you can set routes based on this data in order to get to your destination as quickly as possible.
    5. Voice prompts. They work in any navigation mode: car, bicycle, pedestrian.
    6. Tips on cameras on the road, speed limits on the road.
    7. The user can mark traffic events on the map and discuss their details with other road users in real time.
    8. View hybrid and satellite map, StreetView function (not available for all villages).
    9. Download maps in a simplified form for subsequent navigation without access to the Internet.

    Most of the functions work only when the Internet is available. In offline mode, only navigation through saved maps is available, as well as otherstop tags (they will be automatically synchronized with the account when the user connects to the network).

    Another feature of Yandex maps is that the application supports navigation not only by GPS, but also by A-GPS and even Wi-Fi points. So you can use the navigator from Yandex even on devices where GPS is not integrated (but the accuracy in determining the location will be significantly lower).

    Advantages and disadvantages over other navigation programs

    The advantages of Yandex cards include:

    • high detail (for RF - higher than in Google Maps);
    • more detailed traffic situation (since most of them use navigation from Yandex);
    • a larger list of organizations with detailed and up-to-date descriptions;
    • offline mode available.

    Disadvantages include:

    • cached maps take up a lot of space;
    • consumes a lot of traffic (but synchronization parameters can be configured in detail);
    • does not work well on devices with 1 GB of RAM (may crash).

    In total, Yandex cards are rightfully the best for the Russian Federation. And most importantly, the application and all its services are provided free of charge, no premium subscriptions are required.

    Yandex.Maps for downloaded 5 times. Yandex.Maps is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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