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Developer: B.V.
Categories: Travels
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 226.7 MB
Downloads: 16
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Updated: 10.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


  • Exact turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Using maps without internet.
  • Book hotel rooms directly through the app.
  • Large selection of ready-made routes around the world.


  • Problems with authorization.
  • Lots of ads.
  • Errors while downloading maps.


MAPS.ME is a navigation app from the Mail.Ru development team. They use maps from OpenStreetMaps, supplementing them with information about leisure facilities (due to this advertising integration, developers receive income). The program is absolutely free, while the maps are updated regularly (for all countries of the world) and downloaded to the device from the application menu (all this is also free), so you can use navigation without the Internet.

Program functionality

Objectively, MAPS.ME in terms of functionality is significantly inferior to the same navigators from Google and Yandex. Maps are moderately detailed (even small remote villages), pedestrian navigation works great, there are voice prompts along the route. Additional features worth highlighting:

  • custom points on the map (can be synchronized if you register a MAPS.ME account);
  • saving routes;
  • the ability to "share" saved routes (the application also has free tourist routes, including walking routes);
  • booking rooms in hotels and hostels directly from the application (Internet is required, the function can be disabled);
  • you can add new places on the map, after checking the changes made by the moderators, they will be added to the general map along with the next update of the program.

Another feature is that when maps are updated, they are not downloaded again. Only those parcels where changes have been made are loaded. For travelers who often fly abroad, this function is very useful, as it allows you to significantly save traffic.

Pros and cons of MAPS.ME

Of the pluses, it should be highlighted:

  • the program and the card are free, no subscriptions are required;
  • navigation is available for all countries (even small and little-known ones);
  • maps are regularly updated (literally every 2 - 3 months).

Of the minuses, we can mention:

  • minimal functionality (no speedometer, no notifications about traffic events);
  • maps take up a lot of space (about 2 times more than the same Navitel or Yandex maps);
  • there is advertising (offers to stay in a particular hotel, book a room, you can turn it off only for money, but the functionality is not limited even with advertising).

All in all, MAPS.ME is the perfect navigator for travelers. But for the full use of the program, you should take care of the presence of at least 3-4 gigabytes of free memory on the device (you can also on a memory card - you can transfer cards to it from the application itself).

MAPS.ME for downloaded 16 times. MAPS.ME is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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