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Yango Pro (Taximeter)

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Developer: Yandex Apps
Categories: Maps and navigation
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 58.6 MB
Downloads: 29
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Updated: 20.06.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • Very easy registration.
  • Built-in navigator.
  • Quick search for car fleets that provide rental cars.
  • Self-employed can use the app without paying any commission.
  • You can work as a driver or courier.


  • Freezes periodically.
  • Support not responding.
  • Not available in all cities.


Taximeter is a free Android application with which you can work with Yandex Taxi and receive a constant income.

To get started, you just need to download the application and register in it. After that, you can go to work. The taximeter will tell you where to go to get the highest possible income.

Application Benefits

  1. The app allows you to quickly register as a walking courier, taxi driver or car courier.
  2. By registering as a taxi driver and concluding an agreement with a taxi company, you can receive money for transportation. The taximeter will show the cost of the trip, money on the account, as well as earnings per day.
  3. You can work without reference to days or times. This can be evening, morning or night work. The taxi company transfers money depending on the data provided by the Taximeter.
  4. There is no need to search for passengers, the application allows the driver to receive orders that are closest. The taximeter distributes them so that the mileage without passengers is less.
  5. There is a built-in navigator that helps you not to get lost in the city. No need to install separate cards.
  6. You can rent a car through the app. To do this, go to Yandex: garage, and view the ads. Usually they indicate the make of the car, the cost, etc. The main thing is that the price includes maintenance and repairs. To find out if there is a garage in a certain city, you need to go to the "Driver" section.
  7. Using the application, you can find out the places with the most orders. They are highlighted in purple on the map.
  8. During rush hours, orders increase.

The application works throughout Russia and the CIS countries. A special functionality is also available that allows deaf and hard of hearing drivers to work. The application interface is easy to use.

You can also learn about situations on the road, traffic jams and accidents, which will avoid delays. Using the "conversation" function, you can find out the comments of other drivers who will tell you about the traffic situation.

How to get started

The driver is considered to have started work after activating the On Line function, after which orders begin to arrive that can be accepted or refused. Upon arrival at the place, the driver contacts the customer through the application (the "call" button), and after departure, you must press the "Let's go" button. Navigation starts automatically and is valid until the end of the trip, upon arrival at the destination, click the "Finish" button, the window will display information about the cost.

Yango Pro (Taximeter) for downloaded 29 times. Yango Pro (Taximeter) is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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