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Live Portrait Maker

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Developer: Angela He
Categories: Role games
Android version: 4.3+
Size: 37.0 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 16.11.2019
Limitations: Mature 17+


Live portrait maker is a social constructor application that allows you to recreate a virtual character for a specific stylistic image.

Main features of the application

  • Simple, intuitive controls that even a teenager can handle.
  • The application has two genders: for girls and boys (applications differ in the creation of female and male characters, respectively, and no one forbids the guy to recreate the female heroine and vice versa).
  • Minimalistic interface: nothing superfluous, just a ready-made character layout and a set of numerous auxiliary utilities for modifying the appearance.
  • Not demanding on the resources of a mobile device: Android version 4.3 and about 40 megabytes of memory are enough to install.
  • The application has a Russian-language interface.

Live portrait maker will allow users to recreate a virtual person with the most detailed detail: for example, it is possible to customize the eyes, nose, cheeks, forehead, lips, chin, throat, cheekbones, forearms and many other body elements.

At the same time, the application allows not only to change the shape of individual elements of appearance (eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, pupils, whites of the eyes), but also to choose a voluminous color palette. For example, you can make eyes of different colors, symmetry and position, add an individual glow to them and make your character look like a fantastic creature.

After the character's appearance is finished, you can use the auxiliary functionality of the program, and make a series of pictures, a short gif with the participation of the virtual avatar, or save the picture in the memory of a mobile device for demonstration to friends, or on social networks.

If this is not enough, you can go to the background setting and put the virtual character under the starry sky, snowy winter, or other conditions, which will make the avatar even more individual. If necessary, immediately after creating the first character, you can proceed to the next one and so on ad infinitum, until you get tired of the depletion of creativity. If you don't have the strength to finish the project to the end, you can always save and continue at any other, more convenient period (the main thing is not to lose the file with the source, otherwise all the work will have to be done again from memory).

Live Portrait Maker for downloaded 1 times. Live Portrait Maker is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Live Portrait Maker
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Live Portrait Maker
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