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NES Collection Emulator

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Developer: thelazyman193
Categories: Simulators
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 16.3 MB
Downloads: 3
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Updated: 27.06.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Roadly is an application that can help the driver on the road. It can work as a recorder and warn the driver about violations. The program can recognize road signs and build routes, taking into account traffic jams on the map. The application can be installed on Android for free.

Video recording

Loop video recording will help to remove the situation on the road. This is necessary so that in the event of a disputable situation, it is possible to provide the video recording to the employees of the relevant authorities. Using the application, you can protect yourself from liability for a traffic accident.

Character Recognition

If you missed the sign while driving, then Roadly can help you. He remembers the characters and displays them on the main screen of the application. This will help the driver not to forget about warnings or restrictions, to protect him from violations.


The program has a built-in speedometer. It will help the driver to comply with the speed limit and not exceed the prescribed number of km / h. The application will display a message about a traffic violation, and the helmsman will be able to reduce the speed if desired.

Run on top of other applications

After the user downloads the program, he can run it on top of other applications. This will allow you to simultaneously enable several utilities useful to the driver. For example, you can run Roadly and Antiradar. Now you definitely won't get a fine.


If a situation has occurred on the road that you want to share, then in the application you can click on the button and immediately upload the video to YouTube. Now other people will be able to see the moment from the DVR, comment on it or like it.

Built-in traffic map

Roadly has a traffic map. It detects your location and shows the level of traffic congestion. This is convenient when you need to record a video, keep an eye onAnd then immediately see and know which route is better to go. A convenient window at the bottom of the map will broadcast video from the road to you, so you can always control the situation.

Throttling memory

The application will record video continuously, which implies a large amount of memory on the device. You can choose the amount of space you want, which Roadly will not be able to exceed. Now you don't have to worry about the slow performance of your smartphone, and that some actions on the road will not remain in its memory.

Main advantages

This application records video, monitors signs, analyzes traffic jams, warns of violations. However, there are several advantages that make it stand out from other clients:

  • Convenient continuous recording. You just need to get in the car and launch the application. It will immediately start recording video as a recorder. You do not need to go into settings or agree to any data processing. Just start up and go.
  • Assistance to the driver on the road. Tracking signs and speed will help the user not to violate traffic rules and be always attentive. And working on top of other applications can be a convenient solution for the driver.
  • Tracking traffic jams on an interactive map. Now the driver does not need to worry about laying the route, because all traffic jams are visible to him at once. He will decide for himself which street and when to turn off, and tracking the signs will not give him the opportunity to break.

NES Collection Emulator for downloaded 3 times. NES Collection Emulator is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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