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Developer: B.V.
Categories: Entertainment
Android version: 4.2+
Size: 42.6 MB
Downloads: 9
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Updated: 27.04.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Artisto is a program for working with ready-made video files. Allows you to process videos and photos using unique, modern tools. At the moment, the entertainment application works with files no more than ten seconds long and has limited functionality.

Features and Benefits

Artist for Android is able to remake a video so that the atmosphere is in harmony with what is happening on the screen. As a result, the user gets a full-fledged cartoon, made in a certain style of drawing. It also keeps the video smooth by carefully processing every frame of the video file.

The main advantage is masking unnecessary details. For example, things in the background or strangers will harmonize well with the overall composition. Even if the participant himself looks bad, the Artist will hide these nuances as clearly as possible. Thanks to all these features, the program has become in incredible demand. Some photography lovers manage to create real works of art with a single click. Certain types of filters imply the transfer of style features from many famous art paintings.

Here are a few more key benefits:

  • application can be downloaded for free for any version of Android;
  • stable and fast work, no freezes;
  • more ten different art filters, which are regularly updated with new tools;
  • constant automatic update;
  • operational support;
  • availability nereaand real special effects in short videos.

Of the minuses, users have identified limited functionality. But the developers say they are working hard on the add-ons.


Artisto's interface is rather laconic. There is nothing superfluous in the application. Once launched, a large button will be available that activates video capture. The system will prompt you to select the type of camera (front or main), then turn on the flash (if available).

After shooting, the application will offer fourteen filters. It is enough to choose the appropriate type of processing for the video to be automatically uploaded to the server and changed. Security is guaranteed: original and processed files are immediately deleted from the server, so unauthorized people will not have access to them.

If desired, the user can share the processing results in social networks or save them in the cloud. Photos are sorted by creation date, albums, file type. The search is made in a convenient format, so you can find the desired image quickly enough.


Testing has shown that some functions do not work correctly or do not function at all. For example, experts pointed out the frequent failure of the flash and the rotation of the video by ninety degrees. However, the Artisto app has become another clone of the Prisma program. The developers suggest that you carefully study the principle of operation of this system using detailed instructions. It can be found in the Settings section.

Despite some unpleasant moments, people enjoy using the editor. It should be noted that almost the bulk of the posted photos on the Internet were created using a neural network.

Artisto for downloaded 9 times. Artisto is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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