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I've paid the old NES/SNES Emulator once in the past and now I paid for it twice, I hope this time it doesn't disapear. This is the best emulator for both consoles to play with Touchscreen Controllers, I recommend it to play classic Turn-based RPG titles or Puzzle Games, for any other genre that need 3 or more button presses at the same time, you'll need either Bluetooth Gamepad or a dedicated gaming device like GPD XD. But I would suggest Retroarch (free) for those because it has more features.



This emulator is great and would enjoy it a bit more if it didn't reset my progress randomly while playing. Imagine you just beat a challenging boss your about to continue then suddenly your reset back at an inn all the progression you did before the reset lost and you have to start over from where you were before that difficult boss. Please fix this issue



I love that there's a menu where you can select the game to play, most emulators just have the ROM file directory up, and you hit the game file. Although I would've preferred the game box cover, the most recent time you exited the game in a screenshot is nice. There's only one issue. Because there aren't TWO controller maps, (One for NES, one for SNES), you'll be forced to setup only one controller map, and either have a screwed up NES controller, or a screwed up SNES controller. Please fix this



Fun emulator. Kind of hard to play on the touch screen a lot of the time, but works well with a controller if you have one. My only real issues would be that i can't program the right stick on my controller and sometimes it won't recognize games that are the proper file type, which is a total bummer when it happens lol



All around very solid emulator. Been playing for a while and no big issues have come up. On-screen controls are solid (though it does get somewhat cluttered. Ya get used to it.) Wish there were more visual options though. Like a crt filter or SuperHQ2X/3X blending. Other than that, it's great.



I tried about 6 different emulators and IMO, this was the superior one. Most importantly, it's easy to use and well designed. PROS: - Easy setup - Great design and organization - Runs well / few bugs - NES and SNES - Works great with gamepad - Option to get rid of ads CONS: - No online play - Not many advanced features like overlays - Buttons could be more customizable



Edit: zero response/support from John or whoever maintains this app. Changed rating to 1 star. I paid to remove the ads but am still seeing them after each game is played. Going back in to the settings, I see that "Remove ads" option is grayed out and beneath it states, "This item has already been purchased". I sent an email to the developer for help a week ago but no response from John. Other than this issue, the emulator is good. At times, it tends to get sluggish or jittery/too fast.



THE PERFECT RETRO NINTENDO EMULATOR. Smooth, easy to use, and plays both nes and snes games! definitly recommend. BUT! Me and my brother can't play multiplayer. There is a horrible glitch that causes your controller to slide all the way to the left or right at any given time, making games like tetris impossible. PLEASE FIX THIS FAST!



I would gladly pay extra for no ads. Also need to include safe link references for ROMs if possible. I don't have trouble finding them, but if my son got into this, he may not be as careful. Overall, awesome to get to play some games from my childhood without the headache of some of the false longevity and inability to save and shutdown when life happens.



I would give it a better rating if it had better functionality. I purchased no ads version but game keeps force closing several times where ads would be. Is this normal? It's definitely not enjoyable. Also, some buttons I have to press several times before they work. I try to move a player forward but have to press several times to do so. Wish it wasn't too late for a refund. I miss the original John Nes.


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