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Name Helix Crush Extension: apk
Version: 3.0.6 Size: 97.3 MB

Comments on Google play



It could be fun. The ads actually arent that bad, which is surprising. However, when i play any mode, i end up glitching through platforms, which usually causes me to fail...



This game is so cool and really creative. I love how you made it fruit. I also love how you added music. However, there are a lot of things I do not like about this app. Well, number one, you dont have the option to change the fruit, which I might be wrong. Maybe after you earn all the fruits, you get to change them I believe. Number two, you only complete 3-4 levels before you get a new fruit, and its the same levels over and over. Number three, a lot of ads. Overall, this game is 3 star for me.



Ads after every level and almost all of them for this or another helix drop game. So not only is it being greedy it's incompetnent. There is a buy ad-free button right where most people would rest their dominate finger and hitting this accidentally was to easy and it stays on the play panel right next to the level start. This approach is scummy and exploitative.



Played this game elsewhere and this one the controls are just not sensitive enough, I move my stylus and/or finger to move the skin and it doesn't adjust in time and I end up losing all the time. Not very fun to play a game that way. Other game I played was way more fun. Keep trying, I'm sure this app will work. But for now, uninstalling.



When I saw the ad it showed old town road and when I saw it I thought I could also put on some billie elish music but qhen I went into the app it eidnt let me change the song first I had to go into settings to do it and there wasnt many options! You lied to us! and there is no search bar either. this is the WORST game Ive wver played



Far too many ads. Ads between levels. Ads when you unlock a new skin. Ads when you continue to play. Most of the ads I've seen trick you into clicking them because they make you think they're interactive. Super annoying and ruins a fun experience.



Not trying to be rude or anything but this game is one of my least favorite! As soon as I pulled up the game after downloading it there was an ad. Way to many ads, plus not alot of songs. The songs on this app aren't very good please amanotes! Take away some ads and get new songs



it's okay...I guess so,but the thing is,it's not the person of the artist singing the I kind of like it.also every time you play the game and you loose you get an ad every single dang slows the Internet a lot and you can't even get any free balls without watching an ad when you finish a level and if you want a ball any kind you still have to watch a video and the video it's very slow it takes FOREVER! but you don't have to get a ball you could just not get one.but it's fine....



I play this game SO much and cannot stop. I did get bored of it and changed games but then whent back to it and now I'm back all over again. So I really recommend this game for people who like challenges in which are always possible. I love the designs that we get to pick from and that it isn't timed so then I can take my time and no land wrong. Then there is the finger touch that allows me 360 degrees in ability. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game, you need to try it if you are reading this.



This game is great game. I just started playing a week ago and I really like it.This game contains ads but we can open flight mode which is really amazing. This game could be more successes and better by changing the things they're are. Like to make it more and more harder because we have the the same thing in every level's so I think you should change it and make it more difficult for others. THANK YOU.......


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