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Car Builder and Racing Game for Kids

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Developer: Pizza Games Apps
Categories: Race
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 81.6 MB
Downloads: 37
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Updated: 11.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Races for kids are exciting Android games that adults will also enjoy playing.

Race Features

Many guys dream of their own racing car. And not even a toy.

Of course, they can only satisfy such a dream as adults. In the meantime, you can quench your thirst for speed behind the screen of your smartphone. Moreover, it will not be necessary to go anywhere for the races, to risk getting bumps.

The developers have tried their best to draw attention to the races. This applies to both colorful graphics and expressive soundtrack. You can play with responsive controls on your phone or tablet. After all, races are 100% adapted for touch screens.

Game races will develop attention and speed of reaction. So do not think that it is only about "mindless" entertainment.

A variety of cars are offered to choose from, from real to completely fantastic. They can and should be pumped and tuned. Sometimes this is the only way to win the coveted victory over rivals.

Developers do not let the young racers get bored. Fun game rules and a wide variety of tracks are offered. Overtaking your opponent is not all. You need to try to stay on the road, skillfully fit into turns and overcome all sorts of obstacles.

It is clear that in this case we are talking more about boys. After all, it is they who, having matured, then become racers. They are given cars on holidays.

On the other hand, many girls are also not averse to driving along virtual tracks. They will also love beautiful cars and speed. Good reaction and attentiveness have not hurt anyone yet. And by decorating their car, they learn good taste.

Why is it worth downloading these races:

  • They are implemented from a technical point of view at the highest level��;
  • But with all their graphic perfection, they will not literally squeeze all the juices out of the phone and tablet, optimally using system resources;
  • The steering is responsive and allows you to react in time to a dynamically changing traffic situation;
  • The soundtrack is unobtrusive, it does not interfere, but only forms the necessary atmosphere.

Another important advantage of racing is the presence of a good sense of humor among the developers. Sometimes you can come across really funny moments from which even the most serious beech cannot stop laughing.

The age characteristics of the child are also taken into account. There is nothing repulsive or intimidating here. Even the color palette is chosen so as not to disturb the still not fully strengthened child's psyche.

Entering children's races is extremely simple. Young drivers will be able to quickly get used to the controls and functional features of the interface.

So anyone interested in games like car racing should take a closer look. Races are able to please not only children, but also adults. After all, good racing games are a great way to relax after a hard day at work.

The children's races featured here are free to download.

Car Builder and Racing Game for Kids for downloaded 37 times. Car Builder and Racing Game for Kids is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Car Builder and Racing Game for Kids
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