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Name Dolphin Emulator Extension: apk
Version: 5.0-15105 Size: 16.9 MB

Comments on Google play



App seems unstable. It will sometimes just randomly stop working, not so much in game but just the main screen. Additionally, the screen and sometimes menu icons will go black, which closing and opening the app again fixes. This has happened in game before, where the game is obviously running but I cant see anything. It also doesn't seem to run full speed all the time, no matter what I do. For example, when playing Klonoa, the game sits at at average 40-50 fps. I know it can run 60 though.



Needs a save state button. Used to be there, but you had to click recent apps on your phone, then click back I to Dolphin. But now it's gone even if you do that. Everything else works well. I like the control versatility, and ability to move the buttons around. And I like the ability to use and assign buttons to an external controller.



Best Gamecube/Wii emulator across all platforms. I do have problems with mapping my left analog stick and with the new compliance with Android 12, it makes it near impossible to access the actual files of this app for extracting save files or for custom textures. If you need this access, you will have to download a older version then update the app for the folder to be on the root of your phone because these files are inaccessible otherwise.



So close to being good. You took all the good emulation methods from the PC version and just didn't touch anything else. The emulated IR sensor doesn't reach to the "bottom" of the screen. It isn't my joystick, I'm getting full range, -1 to 1. I've tried multiple controllers and they all stop about a centimeter before the bottom of the screen. Before you tell me that isn't a big deal, the only game I'm using this emulator for has the start button at the bottom of screen.... Literally millimeters on-screen away from where my cursor will stop. I can see great potential (the game's menu seems to be pretty smooth), but you fail horribly when your input methods don't even work properly. I can't even play my game, but I can see it running perfectly. This is beyond infuriating and I will continue to use the PC version of this horrible port in the meantime.



Works as intended, and works well. I'm upset there's no portrait option. I recently broke a finger and it is hard to play in landscape mode with a cast. It is much more ergonomic for me to hold my phone in portrait mode. Especially since the GameCube is a square screen anyways, there should be no problem keeping it at the top, and the controls at the bottom. I would love to see an update to allow portrait mode again. I understand dolphin does not support it anymore, I think that is a mistake.



My only problem is that you can't assign buttons to Dolphin Menu, save/load, Increase emulation speed etc. but other than that, it's near perfect. I love that you can upscale the textures from the original native resolution (640x528) all the way up to 6x Native (3840x3168) if your device can handle it, of course. Galaxy S20 5G plays LoZ: Twilight Princess at 3x Native near flawlessly giving it a remastered feel. "It's laggy" of course it is. You're trying to emulate 3D games on a potato phone XD



I have been using this emulator for around 3 days so far to play Smash Bros Brawl, and everything is working fine until a few hours ago... When I went to play some more ssbb, I started it up and everything was fine, but after the online interactions screen, the entire game and app crashed, and it has been doing this every time I try to play the game. Update: Turns out I needed to change to vulkan then it works 😅



Works great! Only problem I'm having is a huge drop off in frame rate close to %50(60ish frames to 30ish frames)and the only solution I could figure out is when I use a BT controller with TouchPad and periodically run my finger across the pad to move the on screen cursor. This would immediately bring my fps back up to the 60 frames range.



The app is great and once you get the right controller and organize it right it's works great. My only problem (which can be huge depending on the game) is on occasion it won't let you use more than 2 buttons at a time and when playing fighting games that require you to do so this could lead to an unfair lose. If this is a game specific bug then it only occurs with dragon ball z tenkaichi 3 and if you guys could fix it somehow that would be greatly appreciated.



Only issue is that there is no way to adjust the control stick sensitivity. The one and only fix that exists online that everyone points to doesn't work anymore, because the setting within the ini file that you used to be able to change appears to have been removed with one of the updates. Why the emulator has lacked this built in feature apparently for years is really strange. Why remove it even? So weird. Bluetooth controller works fine on PS2 emulator. But way too sensitive in Dolphin.


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