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Name Classic Emulator for NES Extension: apk
Version: 2.2.2 Size: 24.5 MB

Comments on Google play



thank you guys this is the best emulator i have no words to describe your emulator. of anybody have a problem on playing games then follow the steps: 1:open emulator and select any platform like gba. 2:then click on fire button named as hot games.then which game you like to play then click on a controller button near the game.then enjoy gaming✌✌✌✌



Game but I can only play Super Mario 64 cuz if I tap any other game it just goes straight to Super Mario 64 but anyways it's a good game you should download it it's awesome you could play all the classics



Hello everyone... I'm new to this app ... I look forward to playing your super cool games... The thing I don't like about the game is that it requires access to my photo and other stuff... I really don't like that.. so please fix that and let me know when you do .... Thank you... And .... BYE!!



Excelent emul with pack of emulators, aonly work very good the hacking ROMs.. the small problem is the download ROMs u can get on main page go to internal memory I have rooms on SD card I thing in future u need give option were people want install.. and People complain about buttons U Can change ins space buttons, change 1 to 2...



Really great emulator. Love how you can download games with the app and it has so many consoles. Only problem is the game freezes temporarily a lot of times during gameplay



Just a bunch of ads. Never actually got to use anything to find out if it was good or not. Push a button get a 30 second ad. Push another button another 30 second add. Over and over.



This app used to be 5 star worthy for me, but now does not work anymore. Won't launch after Android 10 update on Samsung Galaxy S9+. Worked fine beforehand (even paid for the premium version), but now it is useless to me. Immediate black screen/crash upon launching



I love that I can play all these old consoles on one app! My only problem is that sometimes when you open the app you can't play anything and you are just pressing useless buttons, fix it and I'll give the app 5 stars.



I love the app, its free and you can play without a WLAN connection (or wifi). I showed all my friends this app and they loved it. I point 5 stars but i would rate more. Keep it up!



This is a great emulator, since it has nes,snes,n64,gbc and more, it gives you more options on what you want to play, I only gave it four stars though since i always get bombed with ads, But most of them can be skipped so i guess its still a win

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