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Developer: David Jöch
Categories: Life style
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 22 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 02.09.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Avocation is a free and simple daily habit tracker for Android that motivates you to organize your life, achieve your goals and improve your daily routine.

Use Avocation to develop new habits or limit bad ones. Its powerful and easy-to-use interface allows you to create your own habit list, task list, checklist, or to-do list.

Change the way you organize yourself with this most complete productivity app. No distractions, no ads, just you and your goals.

Download now and significantly improve your productivity.

What makes Avocation unique?

Avocation allows you to use multiple habit tracking options in a single app, for example:

  1. Time Tracking - set a timer for anything you want to track.
  2. Flag actions is a quick and easy way to mark completed actions.
  3. Count counter - count how many times you perform a specific action.

At Avocation, we strive to create a clean, clean and organized interface so that it does exactly what you want it to do with minimal effort. With this habit tracker, you can get through tasks with ease thanks to easy and intuitive navigation.

How does it work?

  1. Create a habit or to-do list
  2. Keep track of your activities
  3. Measure and Analyze
  4. Customize your daily routine

It's that simple! And Avocation is designed to boost your motivation and guide you through the process so you stay productive without feeling overwhelmed. Nicely designed statistics will keep you calm every day, and simple planning will optimize your productivity.

Avocation can help you build good habits like:

  • morning orderdoc;
  • reading;
  • fitness;
  • meditation;
  • drinking water;
  • cleaning;
  • regular teeth brushing;
  • and anything that can make you healthier or more productive.

Limit bad habits such as:

  • smoking;
  • drinking alcohol;
  • using social media;
  • games;
  • watching TV;
  • and everything else that prevents you from achieving your goals.

Organize your to-do list or to-do list. Avocation's intuitive design makes it easy to tag actions or items.

Avocation Features

All features of this productivity tracker have been carefully designed to make the process of changing a habit as easy and motivating as possible.

Fully customizable

Your lists are unique, with customizable features such as emoji in lists, formatting options, colorful themes, dark mode, and more. You can create recurring tasks, goals and limits for any period you want (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or on specific days of the week).

Powerful reminders and notifications

Helpful reminders when you can't reach your goals, and powerful notifications when you reach your limit. Never miss out on what's important to you.

Useful widgets

Get easy access to your habits and tasks by adding a widget to your home screen.

Informative reports

You can measure your performance and goals in a calendar view, analyze your success rate, or track your streaks with a streak counter. Avocation motivates you to continue your streak.

Data sync and backup

Avocation syncs with all your Android devices, so you can complete all your tasks on the go. If you decide to change your device, enable data backup and you're done.

Avocation Habit Tracking - Excellenta great helper in daily affairs and matters related to habits. You can easily increase your motivation and improve your health habits, morning habits, work routine. Avocation can help you increase the productivity of your routine and bring about powerful and sustainable change. Work on your personal goals and build a daily routine.

Avocation for downloaded 1 times. Avocation is distributed freely in the file type xapk.

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