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Comments on Google play



You add a few habits and JOIN PREMIUM TO ADD MORE HABITS!!! pops up. Premium is a subscription which is too expensive. I appreciated your effort and bought the subs for only this month but not be paying later sadly. Maintenance of such app requires minimum resources. At least you could've added a buy one time option and priced reasonably. Free version is too limited and doesn't earn you anything. If you removed the limit of habits and include ads for free version, it would've been much better.



So cute and motivating! I love how it tracks your progress without weighing you down with the guilt of missed tasks or "incomplete" days. Your growth feels quite literally measurable! For someone who struggles with perfectionism and a chronic illness, one "99%" day can be demotivating to the point of abandoning the habit. This habit tracker celebrates every small step and recognises that it's those tiny steps that get you to your greater goals. Try it out and see if it works for you!



This app is beautiful, helpful, and simple, although perhaps too simple. Several habit trackers are unappealing or overwhelming, defeating the purpose, but this is so nice it's my new go-to tracking app. Love the plant idea. Subscription is cheap. Looking forward to developments they make to the app though. I can tell that this app is in its early stages but I can't wait to see what the producers add to it



I really like this habit tracking app, and I've tried many. I love how cute and user-friendly it is. I definitely feel motivated to stick with my habits because I don't want my little plant to die! My only complaint is that I wish there was more historical data available to view in the free version. You might be able to get that with the premium version, but I find the pricing to be higher than what I'm willing to pay.



Excellent simple habit tracker. I love that it can be incremental (for example: drink water can be accomplished in 1/8 parts, track each cup on its own!). I'm also very visual, so having the icons is nice. I only have the free version, and it's worked well for me.



My main issue is with the Premium version's pricing structure - why is this a subscription based model? It's a beautiful little app, which is simple and I would be happy to pay for but it doesn't provide any benefits of a subscription based model from what I can see. Otherwise love the design and it's simplicity just let people purchase the full version for a one time price. Not everything should be or justifies itself to be a subscription.



So I've been shopping for a Habit app... in the past 2 months or so, I've tried Rabit, something about a Study Bunny, Habit Hunter, manual record in a journal/planner, Habit Forest, and I've finally found some peace here LOL. The UI and overall "Aesthetic" is so pleasing to me. Visually, its what I needed. Layout is so organized and simplified I love it. It gives the tools I needed, and the art style keeps me interested. It doesn't have TOO much going on, and it's certainly a big help to me.



This app is amazing! It's art style and color pallet are adorable and very pleasing to the eye, and it really helps me get tasks done throughout the day! And on top of that it only costs $20 a year?! Way more reasonable than other apps I've seen! Definitely recommend If you are looking for a way to keep yourself productive and organized!



Easy to use and a very clean design. Although is not a bad thing, at first when I opened the app it gave me the option to set up habits according to different needs. Like if I needed inspiration or other activities but when I try to find those options again they don't appear anymore. I would like it if they are available again so I have a sort of 'guide' to now which habits I'd like to take up. But the fact that it gives me freedom to add the my own is good too.



I really like the layout of this app, and it's really cute! It helps me stay motivated because I want my little plant to grow (but I did purposely add in one really easy task --making my bed-- just so I know I can at least do one thing each day :P) the only reason I'm not giving five stars is because I'd like to see more stats. It'd be nice to know how many days in a row I've done each task, for example

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