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Battle Steed

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Developer: Vi gsa
Categories: Finance
Android version: 5.0
Size: 29.4 MB
Downloads: 8656
4.4 / 490
Updated: 03.02.2023


Battle Steed is a multifunctional mobile trading program that is popular all over the world. Every day, about 20 million users make 10 million transactions with its help. Download Battle Steed to your phone and choose from over 20 trading instruments to grow your crypto capital.

Cryptocurrency investment advisor

Battle Steed contains a set of tools that can be combined with each other and thus create your own strategy that will lead to profit. You can not only choose from popular solutions, but also become a crypto trading consultant yourself by providing advice to other traders.

Trading artificial intelligence

This program is suitable for those investors who do not have enough free time or trading experience. It analyzes publications on thematic forums and social networks, monitors the flow of financial news, and also checks information from leading digital asset exchanges 24 hours a day. By combining the received data, AI can build a strategy for successful trading and adapt it to rapidly changing conditions.

Wide functionality

Users of the application can track the rates of selected cryptocurrencies in real time with an accuracy of up to a second, which will be the key to mastering the situation in the digital market. Thanks to the instant placement of orders, you can always catch a good moment and increase your capital. A high variety of trading instruments will allow you to choose your own investment strategy and always stay in the black.

The Future is Battle Steed

In the near future, the specifics of the investor profession will undergo drastic changes. Thus, the success of transactions will no longer be guaranteed by a pair of instruments superimposed on each other. The rate of return will depend more on the trader's ability to use a suite of high quality quantitative smart asset management tools.

Battle Steed will be deployed on TRON, HECO, BSC, OEC networks and will integrate a number of decentralized lending protocols. In the near future, it will be launched in second layer networks and related digital protocols (Optimism, Avax, Arbitrum, Polygon, Ftm, Solana, etc.). Already 150 countries are familiar with Battle Steed, so it's time to become a member of this ecosystem.

Battle Steed for downloaded 8656 times. Battle Steed is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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