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W2 Emoji Changer (NO ROOT)

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Developer: iFont Emoji Changer DevTeam
Categories: Life style
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 17.4 MB
Downloads: 8
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Updated: 16.11.2019
Limitations: Everyone


  • Replace standard emoticons on Android.
  • Several replacement options for each smiley.
  • Ability to change fonts.
  • Support for third-party keyboard applications.
  • No ROOT needed.


  • Availability of in-app purchases.
  • Change font functionality is not supported on all devices.
  • Little free content.


W2 Emoji Changer is an application that allows you to replace the standard set of Android emoticons with a new and unique one.

Smilies make online communication much easier. Perhaps someone will say that they are primitivizing. This is not the case.

The first emoticon was drawn back in 1963 by artist Harvey Ball. For the creation of a simple, unpretentious logo in the form of a brace-smile and a colon, he received only $ 45 - a very small price for a symbol that has gained popularity in the future.

W2 Emoji Changer. Express your emotions

Want to be able to express your emotions in chat? Use emoticons! Android already has a pre-installed set of emoticons, but you must admit that the existing emoticons cannot boast of sufficient quality and variety. You can download the application for free!

W2 Emoji Changer is an alternative to the existing set of emoticons. The app contains over 1600+ cute and funny emoticons and stickers!

  • Change emoticons. Do you dislike the default emoji in Android? Now you can change them! There are 8-10 new ones for one standard emoticon expressing a certain emotion in W2 Emoji Changer.
  • Change fonts. W2 Emoji Changer app allows you to change fonts. Change fonts every day to suit your mood!

Emoji Switcher Features

W2 Emoji Changer contains a built-in Emoji Switcher utility that allows you to:

  • Switch between other OS emoticons.
  • Back up system emoticons so you can always come back to them.
  • Maintain Android Material Design.
  • Support changing emoji on GO Emoji Keyboard or KiKa Emoji Keyboard.

The main purpose of smilies is clarification and efficiency. For example, if after answering the interlocutor put a smiley smile, most likely he was joking. And if he wants to show that he is upset, he will send a colon and an opening parenthesis, a sad or even crying smiley.

Android chatting is textual, it is not always possible to send a voice message. And here smiles come to the rescue. With W2 Emoji Changer, you can make your conversation more varied.

A certain emoticon will show that you are hostile or, conversely, friendly. W2 Emoji Changer helps you better understand each other.


W2 Emoji Changer is much more powerful than you might imagine.

W2 Emoji Changer (NO ROOT) for downloaded 8 times. W2 Emoji Changer (NO ROOT) is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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W2 Emoji Changer (NO ROOT)
Added: 2020-06-20
W2 Emoji Changer (NO ROOT)
Added: 2020-06-20
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