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Comments on Google play



For the most part this Airline game is pretty good. It would be nice if it had tutorials though. A big downside to the game has a challenge event. Two events. Reach the runway quickly and stop safely in the shortest time. That event is rigged. I observed a replay video for the #1 winner and the player crash way before the run way and they got the #1 spot with 50 tickets as a reward. The other event is, reach the runway and land close to the highlighted bar. It's my reason for 3 stars.



Good game, except for the constant pressure of trying to get you to the purchase a/c credits. If you pass and complete the task, then give more rewards to move forward. Updated my review another star because of the daily, weekly and monthly challenges helps to earn more game currency to progress in the game levels.



This game has potential, but in all honesty I am watching more ads than playing. Wait times for routes are ridiculous. Another big issue is, somtimes when you finally get a route to fly, the tilt on the phone does not work at all even when pausing and re-calibrating it (does not work). Definitely has glitches. I will try another day or two but so far I am about to delete the app.



The game has started working again. It still fails about 45% of the time to get past the Rortos splash screen. About 10% of the time an error comes up that Unity failed to start r something. The game itself is enjoyable. The flight models are nice, if somewhat arcade-y but the systems of the aircraft are somewhat advanced for a mobile game in my opinion. Like all free to play games you are going to have to spend some money or time to get to the later stages of the game. I'm taking one star off for the loading issues.



When you initiate an emergency , sure would be nice to have a video review to help in explaining what you did wrong , also , being able to practice in order to become more competent at handling said emergencies . Going back to the basic take-off / landing scenarios, after trying to solve an emergency , kind of defeats the purpose of becoming a better , albeit , game pilot . And how about some free flights to better ones piloting skills ?



Game is glitchy and tends to shut off my wifi. I'm guessing to get information on my carrier and personal info by running through my data plan. I do not have this problem with any other app or with my phone, only while playing this game. The ads I don't mind but it lags the game up and it has a hard time transiting to and from the ads. Could be a good game but it's a miss in my opinion.



This game is enjoyable and very realistic. My only complaint is that every 2-3 missions the tilt/steering controls stop working. You don't know this until you've started the mission so the plane crashes and you lose the mission. Please fix this bug. Would be 5 stars if this didn't happen.



Game has potential. Waiting a 4-5 hrs trying to get a new license needs to be fixed. Needs to be More interactive with on board controls, seat belt, landing lights, etc. I play this game alot , when I dont want to play flight simulator. But somethings like I stated needs to be addressed.



Control is a little weak need a yolk on the screen for better control. It works ok but could be better not relying on the phones gyros. Also I haven't been able to figure out how to do a missed approach go around so if you miss it I guess you just fail. To that end it doesn't seem to let you return to airport on engine failure runs you through the restart tha5s ok but really just after takeoff after restart you should return and land. Overall it's ok could be great



Game is entertaining and realistic. However, after a few hours, it froze on me. I tried restarting but it wouldn't load. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it worked for a bit, only to freeze up again. Great simulator but only gave it three stars because I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling it.

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