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Flying Car Sim

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Developer: i6 Games
Categories: Simulators
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 40.5 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 02.07.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Flying car is an unusual simulator that combines driving both on the ground and in the air, available on Android devices.

Game Features and Features

  • A well-designed, high-quality and colorful city of the future, in which cars turn into a futuristic transformer, allowing drivers to take over the air.
  • The existing traffic in the game is now concentrated in the air: the player will encounter on the way a considerable number of cars with wings on the sides, which cut through the airspace with the bends of modern fighters.
  • A realistic model of the car's behavior has been saved, including the physical and graphic components: for example, you can do various acrobatic stunts on the car, including the famous "barrel", vertical flight straight up (until the full loss of thrust due to the laws of gravity), or flight upside down.
  • Free gameplay without being tied to specific actions: just select a specific car, find yourself in the parking lot, start the car and start the game as a pilot of a futuristic vehicle.
  • Traffic rules common in real life do not apply here: the game is geared towards fun insanity and high dynamics of what is happening, so you can score on such conventions as observing the speed limit.
  • The game provides bonuses for tricks, both in the air and on the ground: a huge number of jumps, special devices, structures will help make the next speed trick the most memorable.
  • In order to turn an ordinary road, albeit racing, sports car into a flying transformer, you do not need supernatural efforts: just switch the corresponding toggle switch and pick up speed on a straight section of the track so that wings are formed on the sides of the car (like in the movie " Taxi 2 & raquo; during high-speed transportation of a passenger to the airport via a springboard, only on an ongoing basis).
  • Unlimited fuel: you can fly at breakneck speeds, perform furious, mind-blowing somersaults at great heights as many times as you like, until the gamer's teeth begin to shake from what is happening on the screen.
  • The game provides a lot of tasks, including time, speed and skill of driving a car: you definitely won't be bored, especially the general surroundings of the city are quite detailed and allows, for example, to check whether a car with wings can fit under a bridge and cross it without creating an emergency (the most difficult aviation trick in principle).

At its core, the game is a sandbox in the simulator genre, where there is a full set of possibilities for the gamer to entertain himself on his own, based on individual needs, interests and imaginations. In a word, the more enthusiasm and desire a player has to test their skills in the most unusual situations, the more the game will reveal its entertainment potential.

Flying Car Sim for downloaded 1 times. Flying Car Sim is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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