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Comments on Google play



Extremely p2w and luck based, so much of both of them, that aiming is automatic (and shooting can be too!) and the characters/ weapons you get for a big amount of money outclass the default ones by 9 times, making some of them literally a one hit kill to anyone not using a premium character. You dont get healed between games, upgrades do practically nothing and you can gain abilities that last until you die, making you severely outclass the ai after a few games.



Game play is ok, there is absolutely no way to contact support, there are no clear instructions anywhere in game as to what the different perks do for each hat / weapon you're wearing does. Paid ad removal does not work. And there's plenty of hackers too. Almost every game there is someone firing off a constant stream of bullets across the entire map.



Love the game, but the some of the effects are glitchy when firing (even in free aim). And the ads are too much. I'd give 5 stars if the ads and bugs are fixed as well as the premium claim on offline.



this game went from 4 stars to 2 stars really quickly. first of all, the grinding experience was extremely painful as it forces you to watch ads everytime you finish a single match. secondly, the bots in this game are really unfair as their health would often be 2× and some cases even 3× higher than my health. the first campaign was easy but after that campaign, it was nothing but extreme pain. i can suggest to improve it by separating the servers with people who don't have rare skins.



The game is fun and I'm all for the "watch the ad get skills, gold, random prize, ect." And I watch them in game or when I log in and everything but they also force play ads every time I change from a loading screen or die or whatever and they are sometimes not always, non skippable ads and it makes me play other similar games that dont have this problem.



I would give 5 stars but the ad watching is a requirement for leveling up, so you'd almost be required to watch an hour of 30 second ads to compare to the other characters. It also does not seem to be a real multiplayer but a bot royale where the bots have godlike abilities by comparison later in the levels to make them able to take on something not AI. It does have clean controls and room to be a real game but as of now it's just a way to get kids to farm ads. No good.



PROBLEMS: ads you cannot close out of, ads with false "X" cursors, ads much longer than 30sec, ads with 3 or 4 closing screens, ads in between every death and win. also, so many bots to get us dying and therefore watching more ads. the devs put bots in the game to get you spending money... or clicking sponsor follows, which amounts to the same thing. that being said, warriors is actually pretty fun when you play against real people.



Great game till its not. After the easy levels, You will not be able to compete without paying. For example, I'm left with one other player. I have 2000 HP and the other player has 28,000 HP. I have not gotten past the same level for 2 weeks now. I can't go back to a easier level and I can't go up.whats left? Pay to play or quit. Too bad cuz I love this game. Let's lots of similar games out there.



Just started playing with this so have not gotten to far yet. So far I like it, different toons and builds am sure i will be here for awhile. (UPDATE: Still playing and enjoying very much. I did read some of the reviews about the commercials and who does like them. I don't care for them, at least you get a skill to go with the battle you're in and NOT a card (1of 200) to build something. I can live with that. Everything's got adds have to get used to it.



I did like the game but it seems like a cash grab rip off. there's an add for a game called "heroes rush" that won't let me leave the add at all, it keeps trying to make me interact with it but I can't leave the add and have to abandon the game I was playing. The worst part is I just pent money to stop the adds, and it did nothing, all the adds are still there so can the devs let me know what's going on, and if not then all I got is negative feelings to this game.


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