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I, The One

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Categories: Action
Android version: 6.0+
Size: 110.8 MB
Downloads: 38
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Updated: 11.08.2022
Limitations: Everyone 10+


I, The One is a crazy action game with only one winner left. He will receive all the awards to slightly change his appearance and return to the arena again. Fight, defend yourself, resort to cunning and, in the end, get the title of King of Horus. Download the game to your Android from our website. The installation is free and does not contain viruses.


Before entering the arena, the player must create or select a ready-made character. Anyone can become one: from a red-bearded noun name to Neo from the Matrix. The latter, by the way, looks very stylish in this setting.

After the character is selected, start the game. Start randomly one of the many levels. The fight can start on the roof of a skyscraper, on a helipad take-off, the edges of which are not fenced off, from which the fight becomes as dangerous as possible, etc. The player's goal is to defeat everyone alone. Only in this case will you take all the trophies in the form of in-game money and the discovery of new styles of clothing.

All characters can use time dilation to gain an advantage on the battlefield. This unexpected trick will always catch your opponent off guard. But be careful, enemies can also use this ability against you.

In offline mode, you can attend a workout. Here the player will be taught some new tricky techniques and will perfect the tactics of combat and the power of the blow. The more powerful the attack is, the more points the player receives after the battle.


The game has amazing visuals, from character animation to level design. Fight and trample green lawns in rest rooms, push enemies off the rooftops, chase them through office mazes, defend yourself in a huge hall behind tall posts, attack from the front and from behind in fenced boxes, etc.

Beautiful, bright and cartoonish graphics complement the atmosphere of the "Battle Royal" genre.

Pros of the game:

  • Character Editor;
  • PvP battles and offline training;
  • Leveling up the character and changing clothes;
  • Lots of beautiful levels;
  • Several fighting schools and styles;
  • Time dilation;
  • Play in sandbox mode against a bot or a friend.

Cons of the game:

  • A small number of fighting techniques;
  • No defensive boosters against slow motion attacks.

I, The One for downloaded 38 times. I, The One is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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