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Version: 1.42 Size: 32.9 MB

Comments on Google play



I'm sooooo in love with this game, the fact that it doesn't need a remote controller makes it even more cooler..can you please suggest me more of your games please!



I Spent Over $6 and after two emails sent to their customer support I never received any transparency back. I even asked them if they couldn't fix the bug reimburse me absolutely nothing. The system kept telling me they sent an activation link if they did I wouldn't be complaining about the game I would be playing the game. And still no reimbursement for a game that I couldn't even register with using Google or Facebook or my own email and password absolutely nothing. Totally Upset 😡



This game have amazing graphics and gameplay is also amazing i really love this game and the missions are very nice i've played the trial and now i wants to buy the full version of this game



Good app , the best vr app for phone , the first i download in my phone which is the old phone , and i cant move around , but i download in my second phone , which is the latest samsung and it works so well , but please make it free bcs not many ppl can play your game now



Well it was fun at first , and out of no where, it said to continue, mission 3 onwards, only with full version, which costs money Next time warn people who play



the game is really nice and the graphics are cool but contoling it is not so much good I can't move it left or right if I move my head left and right am I missing something?



wow...just wow! by far the best vr games on android I've ever played. the graphic is just fantastic! thank you for this! looking forward to play all your vr games



WONT LET ME ACTIVATE PAYED VERSION, STUCK ON TRIAL MODE EVEN THO I PAYED FOR FULL VERSION, WHERE ARE THE DEVS, FEELS LIKE IVE BEEN RIPPED OFF AND CANT GET THE MONEY BACK, AND NOW ITS OFFERING ME A DISCOUNT FOR THE FULL VERSION AFTER IVE PAYED FOR IT.. Devs have responded to my email and told me to message google play knowing well that they will say NO REFUND.. all their games are like this, you pay for full version and they rip u off,



free for the 2 first mission level ,later have to pay for 3th level . any way one of the better grafics ever seen ,game mission are not so hard .



I payed for full version and I still am in trial mode and it doesnt even let me log in to my fibrum account or pay again omg!! Edit:DO NOT PAY. I emailed google for refund, they said to contact developer but they wont answer. Save your money


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VR Space Stalker
Added: 2020-06-20
VR Space Stalker
Added: 2020-06-20
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